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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting

May 8 , 2008


Library East Conference Room



Attendees: Laurie Brennan, Barbara Hood, Brian Keith, Peter McKay, Betsy Simpson, Ben Walker


Recognition Fund Proposal

Committee reviewed a submission and agreed to fund it. The Employee Recognition budget was considered and it was agreed that funding must be less than requested in the proposal. A few recommendations will be made to the requestor, and the requestor can re-submit with adjusted funding request.

Employee Recognition Budget

Despite Committee having been conservative in distribution of Recognition Fund, expenditures in other categories slightly exceeded the budget. We underestimated number of retirement parties and cost of Holiday Party and Spring Picnic. Additional guests - when Health and Law were invited to Smathers events - increased the costs of certain events. Committee agreed that Betsy will speak to John I. about covering the ER budget due to these costs.


Library Block Attendance at External Events

Attendance was extremely low for Mikado. Consensus is that staff prefer free events and events children can enjoy. Upcoming performing arts events may be an option. Also, FL Natural History Museum or Harn may provide (free?) group events or tours. Betsy recommends that new committee members choose one of their team to coordinate external events. This person needs to


ARL Survey / How other institutions fund their recognition

Some respondents were contacted for further info. Betsy, Cathy, and Brian worked on a compilation of the results.  Brian will do an analysis and share with ERC. Results then go to Judy R. and possibly on to Sam H.


Library Awards

UF approves of our plan to award $250 per award.  Betsy will contact Dean Russell to obtain her approval to move forward. ERC consensus is that staff prefers monetary awards rather than “gift cards.” The only advantage of gift cards might be that local vendors might give us a deal. But gift cards are also more work to process for taxation. All monetary awards will be as off-cycle payroll check subject to the usual taxes. ERC intends for the check to be for the full amount of the award, i.e. , the libraries pay the taxes instead of the recipient. Consensus is that there will be no obligation to award all categories each year, if there are no appropriate nominations. Library Excellence Awards will be promoted between now and July 1st (nomination due date): flyers, email from Judy, Library Council.


Librarian/Teacher of the Year Award

Library Instruction Committee chair advised us that library instruction/teaching has very different parameters than UF Teacher of the Year.  The Library Instruction Committee will notify ERC in writing whether they support such an award or not. 

Librarian of the Year Award

Consensus is that if there were to be a Librarian of the Year Award, it should be developed by the Faculty Assembly as it does not fit the category of Smathers Libraries employee recognition.


Spring Picnic

It was agreed that we will have a group photo for the next Spring Picnic.  A specific time will be set during the picnic for the photo shoot.


Recorder: Laurie Brennan

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