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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting

May 12 , 2009


Library East Conference Room



Attendees: Naomi Young, Ben Walker, Paul Lightcap, Michael Howell, Barbara Hood, April Hines, Barbara Gundersen, Debra Fetzer, Rita Smith.


Convocation Committee (agenda item II)

The Convocation Committee needed additional information about new members to replace the following outgoing members: Christine Driver (Marston), Missy Shoop (West), Jay Wiese (Tech & Support Services). There was a question regarding Aimee Barrett’s continued service on this committee, as well. ERC members suggested replacements from Marston, West, DLC, ILL, and Government Documents; Ben confirmed that he will speak with supervisors in these areas by the week’s end so that the new Convocation Committee can be formed quickly.


ERC Budget (agenda item Ic)

Ben reported that although the holiday party was under its allocated budget, the spring picnic was between $859.76 over budget. Gale reported to Ben that a substantial amount of this overage-- as much as $600--could have been saved with the correct number of RSVPs. In order to avoid this problem in the future, committee members suggested noting the importance of not overestimating for tickets when library staff fill out their ticket request forms for events.

On a related note (agenda item Ie), Ben announced that Beth Zavoyski is investigating pricing for “green” options for supplies (plates, utensils) for use at future library events. She will report back to Ben with pricing.

Although the recognition fund is a bit over budget, at this point the overall ERC budget seems “okay” because retirements have come under the year’s estimation, (see budget table below—information pulled from data supplied by Ben Walker).


ERC 2008-2009 Budget


Expended (as of April 2009)*

Holiday Party



Spring Picnic






Retirements (est. 3/yr @ $350 ea.)



Recognition Fund



Employee Excellence Awards (5 @ $250 ea + 15% benefits)













*includes estimated expenditures for Convocation and Employee Excellence Awards


Bookmarks (agenda item Id)

Barbara shared a copy of the three different bookmarks previously discussed. The committee members seemed to favor including another bookmark with the Alice image. Committee members also discussed distribution of bookmarks; Barbara Hood ultimately suggested bundling these by group (department) to facilitate easier distribution.


Recognition for Iona Malanchuk and Jim Liversidge (agenda items If and Ig)

April Hines volunteered to contact the New York Times regarding reproduction of the Times article featuring Iona; committee members suggested that ALA might be another source, so April agreed to contact them instead. Barbara Hood asked if Rita would assist her in working on the framing of the InSite Magazine article featuring Jim Liversidge. April and Barbara will report back to the committee regarding the pricing of the reproduction and framing. Committee members seemed to agree that the appropriate venue for presentation of these framed articles would be the Library Convocation.


Other (agenda item V)

Committee members revisited the idea of some form of recognition for those who had worked on the Spring Picnic for multiple years. Issues of funding for this recognition were raised, as was the question of whether any recognition event for this service should wait until next year.


Recognition proposal: NEH grant-funded cataloging & digitization of Baldwin titles (agenda item III)

The committee discussed Rita Smith’s proposal for a recognition lunch for staff who worked on this substantial project. The committee tentatively supported funding this event, although Ben raised concerns about the proposed cost and asked if a reduced amount of approximately $200 - $250 would be acceptable. Rita said that she would investigate this option, but Ben also said that he would look into a mysterious $500 deduction from the ERC budget by the Business Office.


Library Excellence Awards (agenda item IV)

The following timeline was proposed for Library Excellence Awards:

June 2nd – deadline for committee members to review awards and submit suggested changes via email

June 10th – email notification will be sent to library staff to solicit nominations for awards

July 1st – deadline for submission of candidates for awards

July 7th – ERC meets to review Library Excellence Award submissions

July 22nd – Decision is made for award winners (by directors?)



Recorder: Paul Lightcap




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