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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting   

June 9, 2009


Smathers Library Conference Room




Attendees:  Debra Fetzer, April Hines, Barbara Hood, Brian Keith, Paul Lightcap, Rita Smith, Naomi Young, Ben Walker

Budget Items


The convocation committee has held its first meeting. The funds for this year’s convocation will come from the 2009-2010 budget. August 1 is the deadline for convocation information for slides and posters to be produced for the event on August 13. Committee members were encouraged to submit information on awards, honors, etc. to the convocation committee. Employee Recognition Committee members support the convocation committee with help at the event. Since committee chair John Nemmers will not be at the convocation, Ben Walker will be the M.C. Brian reported that he will also be out of town the day of the event.

Library Excellence Awards

No changes were made to the five award category descriptions. The committee is scheduled to send out the staff notice for nominations on June 10 with a July 1 deadline for nominations. The committee will review the nominations on July 7 with a possible second meeting to follow. The top three choices in each category will be forwarded to the deans on July 22.

New Members

Four members – Ben, Barbara G., Paul and Debra are rolling off the committee at the end of  June and need to be replaced with a mix of faculty/staff/males/females from departments that are not represented or in the case of Technology and Support Services, large and can use a second representative. Ben will bring up the request for nominations at the next Library Council meeting. Naomi has agreed to be next year’s chair and April agreed to be the vice-chair.


Recorder: Barbara Hood




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