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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting

July 2, 2007


Library East Conference Room


Present: Dina Benson, Brian Keith, Brett Diaz, Barbara Hood, Peter McKay, and Betsy Simpson

Convocation Update

August 15th is the date for the Convocation. The Convocation Planning Committee has received one submission thus far re. accomplishments.  The deadline to have submissions in is Monday, July 9.  Brian said ERC help would be appreciated during the event. 


Service Pins

Brian and Betsy will update Library Council about Trudi distributing service pins to department heads upon receipt from the University along with certificates.  Brian will also ask the Convocation Planning Committee to incorporate some type of years-of-service recognition into the Convocation.


DRF Proposals

One proposal was reviewed and approved.  Barbara will check about an outstanding proposal, which was approved but not carried out. 

Committee Membership

The committee discussed nominations for upcoming vacancies on the Employee Recognition Committee and the Holiday Party Planning Committee.  The Convocation Planning Committee roster will be reviewed following the Convocation.

On behalf of ERC, Betsy thanked Dina and Brett for their year of service on the committee. 



ERC members volunteered to draft descriptions for the proposed library awards:

Customer Service – Brett

Behind the Scenes – Peter

Innovation – Barbara

Instruction and Training – Dina

Outreach – Brian

Brian drew ERC's attention to UF retirement-related awards - Meritorious Service Award, Presidential Medallion, and University Medallion - which Betsy has posted on the ERC Awards site.  Brian will notify Library Council about these award opportunities.

Next Meeting

The committee decided to cancel its August meeting.  Betsy will set up a new meeting schedule with input from the new members. 

Recorder: Brett Diaz

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