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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting

August 3, 2006


Library West, Conference Room 429


Attendees: Brian K, Trudi D., Betsy S., Peter McK., Matt D., Laurie B, Dina  B., Lourdes S., Dale C.

Intro to ERC Charge by Dale C and subsequent discussion:

Objective: Identify and support the means for routine recognition of library staff and department accomplishments, and for fostering satisfaction among and rapport between library employees.

ERC needs to:

Per Dale: Recommendations made by Staff Recognition and Awards Committee were heartily approved by library directors. However, primary emphasis of ‘recognition’ needs to be about culture and community building, not about money.

Budget review

Items on ERC slate that must be dealt with immediately:

Other items:

For our next meeting:


Recorder: Laurie Brennan

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