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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting

August 16, 2006


Library West, Conference Room 429



Present: Betsy Simpson, Dina Benson, Laurie Brennan, Brett Diaz, Peter McKay, Lourdes Santamaria


According to Bill Covey the committee's budget must be reduced to $10,000.

The following changes are recommended:

  1. We will eliminate the Homecoming picnic. The university has made homecoming a partial holiday and may in the future make it a full holiday. Many people take the day off. Savings: $2200.
  2. We will limit the food budget for the Convocation to $500 to provide refreshments. Savings: $1000.
  3. The Discretionary Recognition Fund will be reduced to $2000 to begin the program envisioned by the Staff Recognition and Awards Committee while adhering to current financial restrictions.
  4. We will increase the Holiday Party budget by $500.

Original Budget: $15,700 - $5,700 = $10,000.

After discussion it was decided that we think reserving funds for individual retirements is important. If we are honoring people's career contributions to the library we should celebrate the individual. Departments will have flexibility in organizing events and may combine celebrations.

Holiday Party Committee

The 2006 Holiday Party Committee currently consists of Margeaux Johnson, Angela Mott, Barbara Hood and Brian Keith. We will nominate two additional members. Peter McKay will nominate one person from Collection Management. Betsy Simpson and Lourdes Santamaria will nominate one person from Technology Services.

Service Pin Distribution

$100 will be budgeted for each division for food/refreshments.

Convocation Committee

Convocation Committee. Betsy will talk to Brian about recruiting members using HR's proposed committee volunteer forms.

There is a sense that Library employees would like to hear from the directors about their vision for the Library.

Reviewing Previous Staff Recognition and Awards Committee's Report

Laurie And Brett will review what other institutions do and may identify additional examples.

Dina and Lourdes will review the committee's original recommendations.


Recorder: Peter McKay


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