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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting

August 28, 2006


Library East Conference Room




Present: Betsy Simpson, Dina Benson, Laurie Brennan, Brett Diaz, Peter McKay, Lourdes Santamaria, Brian Keith

Status of budget

On August 16 Betsy e-mailed ERC's revised budget to the directors.  To date, there has been no response.  Betsy will follow-up with Bill.

Brian emphasized that ERC needs to provide coordination for the service pin distribution as soon as the budget for doing so is approved.


On August 23 Betsy e-mailed Dale ERC's nomination of members for the Holiday Party Planning Committee along with a proposed charge.  ERC will move forward with establishing the committee after receiving Dale's approval.  Betsy will follow-up with Dale to get approval.

Upon learning from Brian that HR does not have plans to disseminate committee volunteer forms (although this is an idea that may be pursued by another group), ERC discussed a potential slate of members to nominate for the Convocation Planning Committee.  Peter and Dina will propose two members - one faculty and one staffperson - from the Collection Management Division, and Betsy will propose a staffperson from the Technology Services Division.  ERC already has two nominations from the Public Services Division.  Brian will serve as the HR rep.  Peter recommended that the committee members' terms of office be staggered to ensure continuity.  Betsy will draft a committee charge.

Initial review of the Staff Recognition and Awards Committee report and recommendations

Dina and Lourdes shared comments regarding the committee's report.  In reviewing the documention, including the survey responses, they noted an undercurrent of dissatisfaction with the staff appreciation events, the pin awards ("ring hollow"), and the seeming lack of interaction between the administration and rank and file.  Dina pointed out that there were conflicting opinions expressed about a number of topics.

Betsy suggested that ERC invite Barbara Oliver to discuss the committee's proposals as outlined in #2 of its report dated 1/26/05 and Barbara Hood to discuss those in #3.  ERC members agreed.  Betsy will contact each of them to attend an upcoming meeting.

Ideas for collecting achievements and milestones

Laurie discussed a checklist she created to record recognition activities at other institutions.  Laurie will e-mail it to ERC.  Peter suggested sending the checklist, recast as a survey, to an HR e-mail list, which Brian offered to do. 

Brett shared some recognition ideas he gathered from some university sites, and ERC brainstormed these and other possibilities.  Laurie and Brett will continue to collect information from other institutions.

Brian explained that recognition in the form of time off from work is not allowable.  


Recorder: Betsy Simpson


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