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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting

September 11 , 2006


MSL 107



Present: Betsy Simpson, Dina Benson, Laurie Brennan, Brett Diaz, Brian Keith

Guests: Charlotte Barnes, Barbara Hood, Margeaux Johnson, Anita Lambert, Angela Mott

Holiday Party Planning Committee


Margeaux and Angela agreed to co-chair the committee this year.  Charlotte will maintain the website.


Beginning this year, the committee will report to the Employee Recognition Committee rather than to Dale. 


The budget has been approved, raising the available amount for food to $2000 with an additional $200 for room rental.


Last year’s afternoon potluck and evening reception were both popular last year and will likely be the model for this year’s plans. 


Room 100 in Library East will be available for any and all holiday events planned.  The committee will double-check with Bill Covey when the dates are decided and the dates will be added to the master calendar. 


Committee members should submit receipts for reimbursements as well as invoices to Brandy Burgess.

It was recommended that all donations gathered in the charity drive be housed in one visible location.


Door prizes will be distributed by raffle to employees who bring items of any color for the potluck.


The committee will select dates, decide whether or not to allow children, and divide duties such as decoration and clean-up.


Service Pin and Certificate Distribution


Trudi has not received all of the service pins but she expects the last few to arrive soon.


Facilities is making the certificates for faculty and staff.


The committee will ask each of the directors to check over the list of honorees for their respective divisions.


Discussion with Barbara Hood


Barbara regularly sends lists of new employees and promotions to library science publications that publish them.  Contributions to the Alligator and the Gainesville Sun are rarely used.


The committee discussed including job titles with hiring announcements and formulating a list of questions for new employees to gather professional and personal information.


Brian offered to devote a portion of the Human Resources website to employee recognition.


Barbara discussed creating a public information page as a gathering place for all of the articles and contributions that she sends out.


Committee members talked about the periodic publication of divisional newsletters.


Betsy proposed meeting with the marketing committee for their input. 


Future Meetings


On September 25, the committee will focus on the discretionary fund.


On October 9, the committee will meet with the Convocation Planning Committee.



Recorder: Dina Benson

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