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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting

September 13, 2007


Library East Conference Room


Present: Laurie Brennan, Debra Fetzer, Barbara Gundersen, Barbara Hood, Brian Keith, Paul Lightcap, Peter McKay, Lourdes Santamaria, Betsy Simpson, Ben Walker



New committee members introduced, old ones revisited.


Review of Charge

Review of the Employee Recognition Committee’s web page. Briefly ran through the bullet-list denoting the committee’s charge.


Fiscal Year ’08 Budget

The budget is suggestive of how we’ll spend it, but, there is flexibility. Last year’s total was $10,000. This year it is $9000. We came close to spending it all last year (although the time for the Discretionary Recognition Fund expenses amounted to only half a year).  There were five retirements last year, which was lower than we had anticipated.


Convocation Wrap-Up

The Convocation committee was headed by Jay Wiese and Jason Fleming. It was the first year we had this event. The budget for it was $730. This (Employee Recognition Committee) is the ‘parent’ committee. We will have to choose members again when the convocation group gears up in the spring.


Staff feedback regarding the convocation was generally positive. The chocolate fountains and the Jeopardy game were big hits.

ERC feedback: physical labor of the committee members was intense - lots of hauling things back and forth from the upstairs kitchen. Recognition for years of service – some staff felt left out. We may want to consider a change, perhaps, to the division of years? However, we wouldn’t want to water it down. Keep the games.


Service Pin Distribution

Last year, there was a two-year accumulation – some 80-odd service pins were distributed. This is no longer the case. The question becomes how and when to distribute them. We need to instruct Trudi on how to release the ones she has received from UF. The ERC will convey our expectations: that they are, at least, distributed by a department chair, in a public forum (a departmental meeting, party, gathering, etc). In the past, they were grouped and given out annually. It would be timelier to present them as they are received. We will bring this before Library Council, present the ones we have right now, and relay our recommendation/expectations.


Discretionary Recognition Fund

Discussion: how to get the word out (again) about the fund and to solicit proposals. We would like the new folks on the ERC to look over the guidelines on the DRF web page and share their opinion with this group. One example of a recent, eligible accomplishment would be the DLC’s millionth page.  


Water Cooler Email Listserv

There is a ‘water cooler’ email list created as a result of discussion at the last Town Meeting. The intent is to use it as a Library newsletter – to comment on more personal aspects of the staff – new additions, garage sales, etc. The problem with the email list is that no one is posting on it. A blog or wiki may be a more effective forum. Lourdes and Laurie will address this to Laurie Taylor, who is heading up the Library 2.0 Working Group.



Brief discussion of the award categories created at the last ERC meeting. Peter McKay passed out an example of the UNF award template. We will work to get the framework in place. Please communicate via the ERC list.


Recorder: Debra Fetzer

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