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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting

September 25, 2006


Library East Conference Room



Attendees: Betsy S., Peter McK., Laurie B., Dina  B., Brett D.


Objective: To discuss the Discretionary Recognition Fund Draft.  Our budget includes $2,000 seed money to begin a program based on the concept developed by the Staff Recognition and Awards Committee


Service Pin update:  Trudi D. wants to use laminated certificates instead of the plain paper certificates.

Peter will take a look at a site for ideas: 

Per Laurie:  Presented the ideas to have supervisors attend workshops for training on employee recognition.


ERC revised the Draft of Last Years Discretionary Recognition Fund proposal

We reworded the part stating: “Organized efforts on the departmental and unit level are particularly encouraged.”

To say this:

Proposals may fund staff recognition events.


Per Peter:  Talked about presenting the Discretionary Recognition Fund in a future Town Meeting, and opening the floor to any questions they may have about the fund.


We also discussed having Trudi D. talk about the Discretionary Recognition Fund at workshops.


Hold a focus group to ask for ideas from employees on what they think about our Draft of the Discretionary Recognition Fund


Per Peter: Idea presented to do some form of awards that are fun.


Brett said he would talk to Lori Driscoll about how she came up with the fun awards for the AFL Barbecue in 2004.

We decided to invite Barbara Oliver to a future meeting to discuss regulations regarding the use of Discretionary Recognition Funds.


Agenda for future ERC mettings:

Recorder: Brett Diaz

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