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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting

October 11, 2007


Library East Conference Room


Present: Laurie Brennan, Debra Fetzer, Barbara Gundersen, Barbara Hood, Brian Keith, Paul Lightcap, Peter McKay, Betsy Simpson, Ben Walker


Add to Agenda

Consider bulk purchase of party supplies for recognition events, e.g. paper plates [not discussed]


Using email for committee discussions?

Yes, and try to “Reply To All” for general discussions among committee members.


Promoting DRF

Change DRF to a friendlier name? Consensus = yes. Betsy will change it to Recognition Fund (RF).

Routinely promote at local level departmental meetings, Town Meetings, Cross-Divisional meetings, Library Council. List the appropriate meetings and send a rep?

Create a flyer to post at Staff Lounges, departmental main offices. Barbara H volunteered to create flyers.


Watercooler Listserv

Under repair: messages were going to Public Folder Watercooler. Recent promotional email garnered 10 new Watercooler members


Discuss charge item: “find alternate sources of funding for employee recognition (ER).”

Is this still one of our charges? How would we as a group go about getting alternate funding anyway?  Is funding actually our role? A couple of ideas recently suggested to ERC: [1.] ER funded by an endowment – UF requires minimum 30K for endowments, and [2.] a future ‘employee development’ endowment partially funded by donations from current and past library employees. This led to discussion about whether or not ‘employee recognition’ is the responsibility of an organization – as a cost of doing business - or whether employee recognition is the responsibility of the employees. Consensus among members is that employee recognition is an organization’s cost of doing business and we’d like that approach to be what we represent.


Invite Dean Russell to an upcoming meeting: We’d like to orient Dean Russell about our current role, progress and ideas as well as gather her ideas about ER.


Service Pin Distribution

Service Pins were distributed to department heads. Faculty certificates? Trudi is getting list of faculty.


Library Awards Web page

Must complete ‘Library Award’ descriptions; Betsy calls for volunteers. How much substance will ‘Library Awards’ have?  Decide ‘value’ of each award, then see how it can be funded. Also, review awards clearing house page and suggest additions or changes to it. How we will promote submissions to our Library Awards or exterior award programs? Idea: a monthly promotion based on upcoming deadlines; we can decide at each month’s meeting.


Recorder: Laurie Brennan

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