October 14, 2008

9:00 – 10:00 a.m.

Library East Conference Room


Employee Recognition Committee




Attendees: Barbara Gundersen, April Hines, Barbara Hood, Brian Keith, Rita Smith, Ben Walker, Naomi Young


Holiday Party Committee Update

Ben met with the Holiday Party Planning Committee at their first meeting on October 9. Jody Hewitt and Cindy McLean, both committee members last year, will serve as co-chairs. They will update and maintain the committee web page so that new members will know the procedures to follow and keep continuity between the rotating membership.


Supply Closet Inventory

Paul Lightcap inventoried the party supply closet. It was decided to purchase additional supplies by November as needed to bring quantities up to approximately 1,000. Barbara, Barbara and/or Ben will purchase the supplies from Sam’s Club using the libraries’ membership card.


Recognition Fund Proposals

Two submitted recognition fund proposals were discussed at length. It was agreed that Ben will contact one of the submitters to discuss the requested dollar amount and ask for additional clarifying information from the other submitter so that the committee can make a better-informed decision.