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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting

November 7, 2006


Library East Conference Room



Members present: Betsy, Dina, Lourdes, Brian

The focus of the meeting was to discuss various aspects of the Discretionary Recognition Fund, but the committee also brainstormed about promoting ERC activities more generally (see under Promotion below).

DRF Description

The committee made the following revisions:

  • under Purpose, removed "professional" and added "at the Libraries" to the phrase about accomplishments and milestones
  • under Timeline, specified that submissions will be reviewed at ERC meetings held year-round
  • under Examples, replaced "staff" with "employees"
  • under Examples, removed "faculty" from "research and publication efforts"

DRF Proposal form

The committee decided the form needed to be more explicit in requesting the name of the submitter, the name(s) of employees to be recognized, the achievement to be recognized, and an itemized budget.  Brian offered to draft a revised version for the committee's review.


The following venues will be used to promote the DRF:

  • 11/30/06 Library Council meeting
  • 12/7/06 Middle Managers meeting
  • upcoming Town Meeting (date to be determined)
  • divisional/departmental meetings such as TSSC, PSC, CM Dept, etc.
  • e-mail to All Library Staff

Brian pointed out that the committee should use these promotion opportunities to highlight existing services and activities supported or offered via ERC (see below) and to use the committee's Web site to notify staff about them in an engaging way.  Lourdes agreed to mock-up a more catchy main Web page.  In preparation, Betsy will make modifications using the Grants Committee Web site as a guide.  Brian will also follow-up with Barbara Hood about her sending employee announcements to HR for posting on the HR Web site and to inquire about the use of photos for library events.

  • events (Holiday Party, Spring Picnic, Convocation)
  • retirement receptions
  • service pin receptions
  • Discretionary Recognition Fund
  • recognition of
  • training (recognition-oriented classes)
  • publicity (employee accomplishments on HR Web site; photos from employee gatherings such as parties, UFCC bake sale, library lectures, etc.)

Recorder: Betsy Simpson

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