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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting

November 30, 2006


Library East Conference Room



Attendees: Betsy S., Peter McK., Brian K., Dina  B., Brett D.



Discretionary Recognition Fund Web Proposal form

When one submits Discretionary Recognition Fund Web Proposal the user will see the default form sent page.  It will inform the user the following:


Your request has been sent to an appropriate library mailbox.  It will be received and processed by staff each day (Monday-Friday)


For the last part of the Discretionary Recognition Fund Web Proposal page we decided to reword the last sentence that said:


Thank you for your interest.  The Employee Recognition Committee will review it at their next monthly meeting.  Should you have any comments or questions, please contact the committee at

Committee Web page

Brian K. will have his department work on the Committee Web page.  Look at HR-> web page it has pictures of happy employees.

Upcoming HR Workshop

Brian K.: Trudi will train supervisors and focus on employee recognition.  As well employee recognition training will be added to the supervisory challenge workshops.


The ERC will have the opportunity to promote its agenda in the training sessions by attending workshops and talking about what the ERC can do to help recognize employees and give example of the resources available.


Convocation Committee Update

They are planning the event, possibly involving a speaker and a power point presentation.  Set for May 8th, 2007 during intercession week.

They are determining how to recognize employees.


Holiday Party Committee Recognition

How could the ERC recognize the Holiday Party Committee for their work.  A public thank you, by Dale C., J. Ingram.


It was also suggested to send a letter from Dale C. to the Holiday Party Committee thanking them for their participation.


Convocation Committee Recognition  Towards end of year.


Focus Group  

It will serve us to find out what other employees think are good employee recognition methods.  What kind of ideas do the people being recognized want?  The goal will be too recruit these people and try to receive some feedback.  It will be crucial to recruit people who are engaged.


Recruit 5-10 people from diverse areas to solicit ideas from others

A) Structured meeting.

B) Open ended part.


Look at ideas we have and make a list of those


Dale leaves at the end of January.  The 16th, party at the Rietz Union at 3 p.m. A development opportunity.


Town Meeting:  5 minutes for the ERC on January the 25th,  the day before the Library Dedication.  A chance to present ideas about the ERC


Public Relations and Marketing Committee: ERC will meet with PRMC at a future meeting.


Barbara Hood -> ask about posting celebration pictures online


Recorder: Brett Diaz

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