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Employee Recognition Committee Meeting

December 18, 2006


Library East Conference Room



Members present: Dina Benson, Laurie Brennan, Peter Mckay, Betsy Simpson

Holiday parties

Betsy suggested committee members send feedback about the holiday parties to the planners and shared Brian's suggestion about recognizing individuals who assisted.  Dina mentioned that Angela and Margeaux had sent a thank-you e-mail to a number of helpers.

Town Meeting

The committee did some preliminary planning for the January 25 Town Meeting.  Peter distributed a guideline with helpful tips - Basics of Conducting Focus Groups - and we discussed the general outline:

Introduction (Betsy)

purpose of meeting - to inform, to solicit feedback on existing activities, to brainstorm new recognition ideas

Committee overview - events, DRF, etc. (Betsy)

including brief comments from:

  • Jason Fleming and Jay Wiese, co-chairs, Convocation Planning Committee
  • Trudi DiTrolio re. upcoming HR workshop    

Restrictions on gifts and awards (Brian)

Dina offered to work on FAQ

Discussion (Peter, facilitator)

possible questions to pose to group (provide handout with questions):

  • How do you feel about the current employee appreciation events offered - holiday parties, spring picnic, and convocation? 
  • How should length of service pins and certificates be presented? 
  • Do retirement gatherings meet your expectations?  If not, how could they be improved?
  • What is your reaction to the Discretionary Recognition Fund?  Any suggestions?  (provide handout with guidelines)
  • Do you like librarywide recognitions such as coffee mugs?  Why or why not?
  • What ideas do you have for collecting and recognizing staff accomplishments?
  • Other thoughts to share?  

Refreshments - decided it would be good to have cookies and drinks

Ground rules - do not want to set a formal tone; ground rules not necessary

Notes - Dina and Laurie offered to take notes; Betsy will check with Sonia Coleman about using the tape recorder [update - Sonia said this is fine; the committee should be in touch with her closer to the date]

Flip chart - probably not necessary if notes will be taken

Promotion - Trudi's e-mail with great announcement by Peter; committee members will encourage respective divisions to attend

Discretionary Recognition Fund

Dina recommended highlighting the DRF on the Staff Web.  Betsy offered to talk to Tom Minton about this [update - Tom has added text to the top of the page and a link to the guidelines]

Dina also suggested adding an example to the guideline about recognizing employees who complete degrees.  She'll send Betsy the wording.


Recorder: Betsy Simpson

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