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George A. Smathers Libraries

Library Employee Excellence Awards


The Smathers Libraries Awards Program recognizes individual or group accomplishments in Behind the Scenes, Innovation, Instruction and Training, Outreach, Customer Service, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The awards are presented annually at the Smathers Libraries Convocation and include a certificate of distinction and $250.*

All non-student, non-OPS George A. Smathers Libraries employees are eligible. Library Deans and the Employee Recognition Committee members are not eligible as individuals, but are eligible as part of a group/team. If nominated, they may not be in the review/selection process for the award. Library employees may be nominated in as many categories as applicable.

The Dean of University Libraries and Associate Deans will determine recipients for the awards. Awards will be presented at the Convocation.

To submit a nomination, please complete the online form by August 1, 2018 (at 5 PM).

Questions may be submitted to the Employee Recognition Committee by e-mailing

Award Categories

Behind-the-Scenes Award

The Behind-the-Scenes Award celebrates the quiet dedication and performance that improve library or staff performance and is not always noticeable by patrons. For example, this may be an employee:

Innovation Award

The Innovation Award honors creativity and/or problem solving skills that resulted in innovative methods, projects, products or organizational enhancements to improve library services, resources or operations. Areas of innovation include but are not limited to:

Instruction and Training Award

The Instruction and Training Award salutes an instructor or trainer who demonstrated excellence in teaching or providing guidance to others. This exceptional mentor/teacher may have:

Outreach Award

The Outreach Award honors an individual or group who made an outstanding effort in reaching out to the university and/or to an outside or donor community in a unique or creative way.

Customer Service Award

The Customer Service Award acknowledges five star performance in one or more of the following categories:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award

The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award honors exemplary accomplishments that foster full participation by diverse and/or under-represented university personnel, students, and other stakeholders; contribute to a climate of inclusion within the Libraries, on campus and/or beyond; and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion to enhance educational, research or other outcomes. For example, this may be an employee or team who promotes, supports, or fosters an environment for diversity, equity, and inclusion with work that:

*Group winners will receive $250 as a group, which can be used to celebrate the accomplishment (e.g., party, lunch, equipment/software purchase)

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