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Faculty Recruitment Policies and Practices Committee

Reading List

In preparation for the Feb 14 Journal Club and as background understanding to complete the charge, committee members have identified several articles of broad interest. Please share any comments with committee members!

Hiring Practices
Barden, D. M. (2006). Self-destructive tendencies, part 1.(hiring college faculty)(column) Part 1 and Part 2

Knowlton, S. P., & Imamoto, B. (2006). Recruiting non-MLIS graduate students to academic librarianship. College & Research Libraries, 67(6), 561-570. PDF or HTML

Johnson, P. (2007). Retaining and advancing librarians of color. College & Research Libraries, 68(5), 405-417. PDF

Kim, K., Chiu Ming-Hsin, Sin, S. J., & Robbins, L. (2007). Recruiting a diverse workforce for Academic/Research librarianship: Career decisions of subject specialists and librarians of color. College & Research Libraries, 68(6), 533-552. PDF

Lindquist, T. , Gilman, T. (2008). Academic/Research Librarians with Subject Doctorates: Data and Trends 1965-2006. portal: Libraries and the Academy 8, no. 1 (January ): 31-52. PDF

Logan, R., et. al. (2005). Meeting Recruitment and Retention Challenges Head On. Colorado Libraries 31(2), 27-9. PDF

Shank, J. D. (2006). The blended librarian: A job announcement analysis of the newly emerging position of instructional design librarian. College & Research Libraries, 67(6), 515-524. PDF or HTML

Wilder, S. (2007). The new library professional: What does the growing generation gap among their employees mean for academic research libraries and for the profession?" Chronicle of Higher Education (2/23/2007), vol. 53 : issue 25 HTML

Academic Library Residency Programs
Morgan, L. L. (2007). Academic library residency programs: An avenue of success for newly-minted librarians. Indiana Libraries, 26(3), 23-24. PDF

Perez, Megan Z. (2007). From New Graduate to Competent Practitioner: Rethinking the Architecture of Post-MLS Residency Programs in ARL Libraries. A Master's Paper for the M.S. in L.S. degree. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill + School of Information and Library Science. 69 pages. (click on View/Open at bottom of screen)


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