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Proxy Troubleshooting Guide

  1. I am unable to sign in to EZproxy using the Library Barcode.
    • Have you entered the number and password correctly? See tips below.
    • Test your number by signing into the Library Catalog
    • Report the problem to the UF Libraries
    • Try using your Gatorlink account instead
  2. I am unable to sign in to EZProxy using my Gatorlink account
  3. Did I enter my Library number and password correctly?
    • Entering the Library Barcode
      • Enter the 14-digit number without hyphens (e.g. 20099999999999)
      • You cannot log in to EZProxy using your UF ID number (e.g. 1234-4321). However, you may enter your GatorLink userid/password using the form on the login page.
    • Entering the Library Barcode Password
      • Your password is the same password that works in the UF LIbraries' Catalog. The default is the month and day of your birthday.
      • When entering your birthday, it must always be 4 digits -- and in the format MMDD (not MMYY). (e.g. if your birthday is February 5, 1980 enter 0205).
  4. My birthday isn't working as my Library password
    • If your birthday does not work as your initial password, try the last four digits of your Social Security Number. This was formerly used for verification, and some records still have that set (especially if you are not a current UF student or employee).
    • If you changed your password in your account but have forgotten it, you may request that it be changed to your birthday using the forms below.
  5. I have a replacement Gator 1 Card that is not working
    • The 14-digit Barcode Number on a replacement Gator 1 Card is NOT automatically activated in the library system. If you think this may be the problem, you may request activation of the new number using the forms below.
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