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Transition Monitoring Team

NOTICE: The Transition Monitoring Team is no longer active. It has been replaced by the Communications Committee.

Committee Charge

The TMT meets as required based on a monthly poll of the membership. Meetings will increase in frequency as the major transition to the new Library West approaches. The TMT is responsible for:

Full Charge


  • Leilani Freund
  • Pam Cenzer
  • Suzanne Kiker
  • Ben Walker
  • Jan Swanbeck
  • Jim Liversidge
  • Bill Covey
  • Shelly Arlen
  • Barbara Hood
  • Misty Swain
  • Rob Roberts
  • Tom Minton
  • Matthew Daley
  • Tatiana Barr
  • Trudi DiTrolio, facilitator




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