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TS/PS/CM Meeting Minutes

January 11, 2007



Indexing Table of Contents in the catalog – Denise Bennett

Currently, ToC are indexed in Title Keywords, Author Keywords, Title Browse and Author Browse Headings. Some have asked if the ToC could be removed from the Browse Headings indexes to decrease “false drops.” Denise offered issue awareness and reminded the group that though changes are possible, there are consequences for changes made and asked that the group think carefully about the pros and cons involved (see attached). The issue may come up at a later meeting for decisions. It was asked if specifics or format could be altered, to which the response was that perhaps down the line with Endeca there would be a possibility for change, but that is not known at this point in time.


ILL Books on Demand project – Michelle Foss

Background: A proposal was submitted and accepted for this project which involves purchasing requested items rather than the traditional retrieval/borrowing means of ILL. This isn’t to replace any sort of Collection Management responsibilities, but rather to supplement the collection in a patron-centric style. Another aspect of this project is to see if purchasing an item will cause it to arrive faster and be less expensive to our patrons than the traditional means of ILL. Tracking the number of times purchased materials are circulated is also being done.



There is an advisory committee in place that consists of those involved with Collection Management (Peter McKay, John VanHook, Vernon Kisling, Dan Reboussin). This committee helped establish a guideline for deciding what types of books should be purchased when ILL requests come in.

Collection Management (Barbara Gundersen and Adrian Zeck) helped create templates so that there is a record in the catalog to indicate to that the title has been purchased by ILL.  

Cataloging (Doug and Betsy) was consulted to establish cataloging policy and procedure as items go directly to the patrons rather than through cataloging process.

Access Services (Matthew Daley) was asked to identify how to pull statistics through Aleph when circulation information is needed.


Implementation: The program went live December 1st. 40-50 books have been purchased thus far. This project is slotted to be active for six (6) months.


When asked about specific guidelines for allowable purchases, Michelle indicated that requests can come from faculty, staff, and IFAS people and had to be less than $150 and scholarly in nature (solely monographs). Items marked lost in the catalog are also requestable/allowable purchases. All items run through thhe ILLIAD process currently.


Re. the control factor of tracking materials since they go directly to patrons first, Michelle responded that when books are ordered through Libris, they are shipped to the library, which generally takes five days. Once the item comes in, they are charged out like any other ILL item; they are banded, stamped and have a due date included and then checked out for two weeks with a two week renewal option. After the item is returned to ILL, it is taken to Cataloging, fully banded with specific colored band indicating Purchase for cataloging and processing. At the end of each month, a report is sent to the Advisory Committee with the list of the purchases made.


OCLC local serials holding – Betsy Simpson & Michelle Foss

Betsy reported that this is a new project to extract our serials records from Aleph and send updated holdings information to OCLC. This will significantly impact ILL as they currently get requests for items that are not actually available due to incorrect/outdated data in OCLC. Cataloging is at the point of analyzing the extracted records to be sure that the information gathered is what is needed. Michelle added that there will be fewer cancellations for ILL with these corrections. Betsy mentioned that this spring there will be a batch update completed. Periodic updates will also be run.


Barcode placement update – Ben Walker

The issue of moving the barcodes to the inside of the back cover of books was raised at the previous meeting. Some further research has been done by Access Services, and per 3M’s research studies, the best place for barcode placement is on the front cover, the second best choice being the back cover. The reasoning for this would be to reduce repetitive motion for the Circulation staff as well as reduce wear and tear on the books themselves. More importantly is the self-checkout option that has been discussed and the level of consistency for the patrons in this process. It makes more sense to have it on the back cover as they would be easier to find. Another factor reducing the need to open the books during checkout is receipt printing (indicating due date) at Library West. This test will be conducted in the Spring. Ben put forth that it is recognized that this is still not necessarily the most ideal placement, but in the current setting, at least the most consistent.


Betsy reminded the group that each division was previously asked to formulate and report preference with regard to barcode placement. Particular concerns will be addressed as much as possible. Vendors have been asked to not cover important information on the back cover.


ALF space/Reclass project – Ben Walker

Ben reported that the Storage Management Task Force met and discussed some short term solutions to the lack of space. Some suggestions were made to Library Council and formally accepted. The following was suggested:


Library Council recommended investigation of installing compact shelving in ALF in areas that have existing standard height library shelving and expressed support of the "storage by size" concept.


To facilitate the shift and rearrangement of ALF, Aleph reports have been generated by the Storage Management Task Force to identify the duplicate copies and number of circulations. The reports will be distributed after they’ve been analyzed further. There will be a cross-divisional meeting next week to discuss these initial ideas. It is hoped that this process will begin as quickly as possible.


DLC Activities – Stephanie Haas

Stephanie passed out a handout, as well as pointed out current information on the website, Changes on website will be emailed out.


The most recent project is The Concrete Blog: Messages on the Wall. See information on the website This is a collaborative effort with the Matheson Museum. Any submissions and/or suggestions are welcomed.


Institutional Repository Update – Matt Mariner

Stephanie introduced Matt and explained that his main duty is to gather information from the UF community to put up on the Institutional Repository website.


Matt reported that the IR grows daily and feeds on momentum of submissions. While it is a component of the UFDC, it is becoming its own entity. Any format is acceptable for submissions (html, pdf, url, etc.). Issues to take into consideration include copyright. There is a guide for this consideration as the submissions do need to be copyright clear.


In reference to a question about how this program relates to the University Archives, Matt responded that some things are being retrieved from Archives to digitize as well as solicitation for materials from any other submission source. With regard to theses and dissertations, permissions are being collected from the authors currently per Cathy Martyniak.


Matt passed out a flyer card with the following information:


through the University of Florida Institutional Repository


1) Check your rights at the Romeo/Sherpa site

2) With publisher's permission attach your PDF to an email

addressed to Matthew Mariner at

3) Questions? Contact Matthew Mariner at 846-0129,

Digital Library Center, UF Libraries

Systems Liaisons update – Amy Polk

Amy reported that there is a Training Program and review process being developed currently. There is a draft for this program up on the Systems webpage: Training will begin as soon as there enough equipment gathered and set up. This training may or not be mandatory and frequency will be dependent on results of attendance and impact.


ALEPH version 18 – Rich  Bennett

Rich shared that there are a lot of uncertainties that will be involved in this process. FCLA is currently doing a lot of things behind the scenes, namely making a process to upgrade the versions between 15 and 18. These versions have been released but have not been implemented here, so each version must be implemented to move on to the next to ultimately end up at version 18. Progress is being made.


There are some significant changes that will result. Workflow will be affected. Other changes will be studied and training will be developed. The timeline for implementation currently is set to happen at the end of July 2007. These upgrades will occur at about one per week, UF being the trailblazer in this process.


Website for further information:


Endeca – Rich Bennett

Rich reported that there will be numerous discussions in the coming days related to the implementation of Endeca. Rich emphasized that Endeca is not a product designed for specifically for libraries.  However, the growing recognition that traditional OPAC’s are no longer the cutting edge or necessarily the desired format is prompting libraries to consider alternatives.  The new OPAC will be a much more user-friendly mechanism. With the ALEPH upgrade, there will be an OPAC change. Endeca is intended to be the primary OPAC. There are some things being done differently with UF’s version than North Carolina State’s version, such as the due date visibility in the results. Another thing that FCLA has done differently with our version is to provide service for all 11 SUL’s rather than solely our institution. All the records from the SUL’s (~14 million) have been deduped to produce a single massive database (~ 6 million) for catalog records for the SUL’s.


There are a lot of possibilities for the Endeca environment and this is where the directors of the SUL libraries should be placing resources.


There will be training issues addressed by Public Services.


There will be an institution version available this month per FCLA.


Next Meeting  - The next TS/PS/CM meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 12, 2007, 10:00-11:30am, MSL 107.




ToC examples


Purchased ToC are currently indexed in Title Keywords, Author Keywords, Title Browse Headings, and Author Browse Headings.  Some have asked if the ToC could be removed from the Browse Headings indexes to decrease “false drops.”  However, there are pros as well as cons to having ToC in Browse Headings.



Why people don’t like ToC in Browse Headings


Browse Title:  Means

1            Meanness mania : the changed mood

5            Means

1            Means ADA compliance pricing guide : cost estimates for more than 70 common …


Instinct:  Pick plain “Means” with 5 hits.  All seem to be false drops, but plain “Means” is actually a chapter heading in each record.


1                          Title:    She didn't mean to do it /

                                                        Means -- Page 46  

 2                         Title:       Presenting your findings : a practical guide for creating tables /

                                                        13 : Means -- Page 95  

 3                         Title:       Muslim Palestine : the ideology of ?amas /

                                                        - 6 : Means -- Page 67

 4                         Title:       SPSS Base 7.5 for Windows user's guide /

                                                        14 : Means -- Page 191  

 5                         Title:       A strange market /

                                                        Means -- Page 189  


What to do?  Assume that the desired title contains more than the single term “means.”  Scroll through the Browse List until you find the matching item, or retype with more terms.  In this case, type at least “Means con”


No. of Recs        Brief Recs          Entry

1            MEANS collection : evaluating socio-economic programmes

1            Means concrete and masonry cost data

1            Means concrete & masonry cost data

1            Means concrete cost data

2            Means construction cost data

1            Means construction cost indexes

2            The means, duties, ordinances, both secret, private and publike, for continuance and increase of a godly life (once begun) till we come to Heaven

1            The means, duties, ordinances, private and publike, for ... a godly life

1            Means electrical change order cost data

2            Means electrical cost data


Remember that each listing in the Browse results is a dead end.  You must return to the Results list to select another cluster of records.


Type the single term “Means” in Endeca , and use the call# clusters to drill through Technology then Building Construction.



Why people like ToC in Browse Headings


When a patron doesn’t realize s/he has the title of a chapter, paper, poem, or play rather than the title of the source


Browse Title: Cloud

retrieve individual poem within collected work:

2 Title:                 The major works /

Author:               Shelley, Percy Bysshe, 1792-1822.


               Exhortation -- Page 460 

              Cloud -- Page 461 

              To a Skylark -- Page 463


also Title:             Shelley's poetry and prose : authoritative texts, criticism /



Browse Title:  Caffeine and health

retrieve chapter within edited work:

Title:   Beverages in nutrition and health /  edited by Ted Wilson and Norman J. Temple ; foreword by David R. Jacobs, Jr.


11 : Effect of Cocoa and Chocolate Beverage Consumption on Human Cardiovascular Health, by Harold H. Schmitz, by Mark A. Kelm, by John F. Hammerstone -- Page 157 

12 : Caffeine and Health, by Bennett Alan Weinberg, by Bonnie K. Bealer -- Page 171 

13 : Therapeutic Use and Safety of Common Herbal Beverages, by Winston J. Craig -- Page 187



Browse Title: Jacques Dupin

retrieve essay in several collected works:

Title:        Collected prose :  autobiographical writings, true stories, critical essays, prefaces and collaborations with artists /  Paul Auster.

Contents:            bartlebooth follies -- Page 389 

                            Jacques Dupin -- Page 395 

                            Andre du Bouchet -- Page 398 

                            Black on white -- Page 400 


Title:        The art of Hunger :  essays, prefaces, interviews /  Paul Auster.

Contents:            Jacques Dupin -- Page 171 

                            Andre du Bouchet -- Page 175 


Reprints of essay not to be confused with full work:

Title:        Jacques Dupin /  Maryann De Julio.






Keep in mind:


In some records, contents are combined into one tag, so titles and authors are not included separately in Browse Headings indexes.


Title:   Divine creatures :  animal mummies in ancient Egypt /  edited by Salima Ikram.

Contents:             Divine creatures: animal mummies / Salima Ikram -- Manufacturing divinity: the technology of mummification / Salima Ikram -- The sacred animal necropolis at North Saqqara: the cults and their catacombs / Paul T. Nicholson -- Bull cults / Aidan Dodson -- The cats of the goddess Bastet / Alain Zivie and Roger Lichtenberg -- Tuna al-Gebel: millions of ibises and other animals / Dieter Kessler and Abd el Halim Nur el-Din -- The cult and necropolis of the sacred ram at Mendes / Susan Redford and Donald B. Redford -- Sobek, Lord of the Land of the Lake / Edda Bresciani -- Protecting pets and cleaning crocodiles: the Animal Mummy Project / Salima Ikram.


Co-authors frequently do not get their own lines and index entries: 


Title:                    Parallel algorithms for irregularly structured problems : second international workshop, IRREGULAR ?95, Lyon, France, September 4-6, 1995 : proceedings /

Contents:   Parallel Search for Combinatorial Optimization: Genetic Algorithms, Simulated Annealing, Tabu Search and GRASP, by P. M. Pardalos, by L. Pitsoulis, by T. Mavridou, by M. G. C. Resende -- Page 317


This record is retrieved by Browse Author: Pardalos

  but not by Browse Author: Pitsoulis



When you see author names mushed together on a Browse retrieval line, you know they are ToC authors:

1  Haglund, R. F. (Richard F.) 1942-

1 Haglund, R. F. (Richard F.), 1942- Affatigato, M. Bunton, P. H

1 Haglund, R. F. (Richard F.), 1942- Afonso, C. N. (Carmen N.) Feldman, Leonard C

1 Haglund, R. F. (Richard F.), 1942- Ermer, D. R. Lines, A. H

1 Haglund, R. F. (Richard F.), 1942- Osborne, D. H. Gonella, F

1 Haglund, R. F. (Richard F.), 1942- Osborne, D. H. Li, Yang Magruder, R. H. White, C. W. Zuhr, Raymond A



Decisions to be made (not today, but sometime this spring):

** keep ToC in Headings as well as Keywords in Aleph Staff and Aleph Public?

** index ToC in both Keywords and Headings in Endeca?



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