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Cross-Divisional Meeting Minutes

January 17, 2008



Connecting Collection Highlights – Laurie Taylor

A recent survey showed that YouTube and Wikipedia are the most popular websites amongst students. The Library 2.0 Group has been working on adding Library-related links to Wikipedia and Library exhibit videos to YouTube. Examples are the WomaNews entry and the Preservation Department’s Bug vs. Books Video. The Group is attempting to cross-link and integrate as many paths to the available information as possible.


The Group has also established a Library presence on Facebook, Flikr, and Second Life. If there is a specific area staff would like to see developed, please contact Laurie Taylor.


Regional Joint Storage Facility Update – Ben Walker

The Board of Governors approved an $11 million dollar budget for a statewide storage facility with a projected build date of 2010-2011. The facility will be located on the Auxillary Library Facility (ALF) premises. Dean Russell is working with Provost Janie Fouke and CSUL to move the build date up. A Task Force with statewide membership will meet at the end of January 2008 to review other facilities. The funding for this project will not be affected by budget cuts.


Security Guards, Building and Construction – Bill Covey

The Marston Science Library (MSL) flooring materials that were damaged by flooding are scheduled to be replaced over Spring Break 2008. PPD has agreed to replace additional flooring at the rate of one floor per year, which would result in all-new flooring by 2013.


The cork flooring in Library West is peeling and needs to be replaced. Directors have narrowed samples to 2-3 choices, and they are awaiting custom color samples before making a final decision. The target is to replace this flooring over Spring Break 2008.


The Security Guard coverage started as a pilot project, but eventually reached a fiscal point at which Vendor bidding was a necessity. The former security company, USPNS, chose not to bid. The new security company, Admiral, began coverage at the beginning of Spring 2008. Thus far, Directors have received positive feedback on this company.


There are plans to refinish the terrazzo in the Library East 1 st Floor Hallway, but there are currently no planned furniture purchases.


The Library West Staff elevator will become public in order to alleviate demand on the main elevators. This will require some structural changes within the building, such as the movement of the 2 nd Floor Access Services wall.



Extended Hours – Lori Driscoll

A collaboration between Dean Russell and UF Student Government resulted in Extended Library Hours for Fall 2007 Finals. The Library remained open 8am-4am between December 1-13, 2007.


86,000 people entered the building over that time, a 36% increase over the semester average. The highest usage was on days before the Reading Days. 3am head counts revealed that students took advantage of the later hours, with a high of 437. Group Study room use was up 31% and Graduate Floor use increased by 60%. A 150% increase was observed in course reserve loans, along with an 8% increase in laptop loans and 6% increase in general loans. DVD loans decreased. At closing time, MSL reported a large transfer of students to West.


Reference reported that questions were steady and brisk, and that students seemed surprised and happy at the help offered. Routine technical service help was requested. Students complained about the lack of available space. There were a few security incidents. Additional custodial staff kept good pace with students, though it was difficult to get a PPD response on the peak nights. A web survey will be posted soon.


There will be Extended Library Hours for Spring 2008 Finals. The cost was $5K, which the Library funded this year. In future years, the Library will work with Student Government to fund the project.


Material Purchases from Carry-Forward Funds – Judith Russell

In October 2007, the Library allocated $300K of carry-forward funds. The rapid spending was to benefit the overall University Budget. Provost Fouke gave the Library a gift of $500K, pulled from Professional School tuition, which was used on collegiate purchases including titles that will be used by the Law Library and the Health Science Center Library (HSCL). Dean Russell will send out a list of purchased and ordered materials to all staff.


Dean Russell responded to questions about Library staffing in the event that President Machen cancels Summer 2008 classes. The Library would remain open, but with limited hours. Addition: On January 17, President Machen decided not to cancel Summer 2008 classes.


Domestic Approval Plan – Tara Cataldo

The Review Committee is finalizing reports and constructing scenarios, which will be pooled and reviewed at the end of January 2008. The report will be sent to Directors by early February.


Strategic Planning – Dean Russell

Each Task Force is setting up a blog, in addition to respective websites. Michele Crump reported that the Biological and Physical Sciences TF has posted questions, and she is currently compiling those responses. The goal is to finish Strategic Planning by the end of February 2008.


Blog and Wiki Server – Stephen Williams

Progress on a Blog server is ahead of Wiki servers. Systems is used WordPress MU as Blog software. A test page is available. Stephen gave a presentation on how to use WordPress. Systems is looking into comment spam blockers. RSS feeds are working. WordPress has the ability to ingest current blogs, making migration easy.


Systems is using Media Wiki, which can be locked for library use only or made open to the public. A test page is available. The URL will eventually change. Different Wikis can be set to a variety of permissions. Test Wikis are available, and those interested should send a SysHelp request.


The virtual server is managed locally. Systems and Directors are working on drafting Blog/Wiki Policies and Procedures. Those will be made available upon completion.


Endeca Discussion Group – Jason Fleming

The Group was created to provide better communication between the SUS-OPAC group and Library Groups. The Endeca Implementation Group was dissolved. The membership was drawn from several other groups.


The EDG is still working on usability testing with USF and FSU and preparing usability procedures. Jason detailed recent Endeca enhancements. The UF SUS-OPAC Representative is now Colleen Seale. An Endeca e-mail listserv is available for discussion and voicing concerns.


Technical Services Alliance– Michele Crump

The TSA was formed from the dissolution of the Technical Services Steering Committee (TSSC) and the Technical Services Aleph Implementation Group. The TSA was created to address cross-divisional technical services issues. It is a large group, with membership pooled from the two defunct committees. It will meet once a month and may start a blog. The website contains the full roster.


Human Resources – Brian Keith

The Job Posting Listserv, which e-mails notification of new Library job listings, has received a good response with 109 staff, 63 faculty, and 584 student sign-ups.


Brian Keith will be supervising Training and Staff Development when Trudi DiTrolio begins phased retirement. Please send any Training ideas to him. The Library Faculty Assembly will supervise Tenure Support Training for junior faculty members. The Town Meeting will be facilitated by the Communications Management Committee (CMC). Facilities and HR will handle any ergonomic requests. The Webinar funds will remain intact.


The Smathers Faculty Recruitment Policies and Procedures Committee will give a presentation at the February Town Meeting.


Brian gave an Excel presentation on staff and faculty developments. Samuel Huang, the new Director of Development, will arrive by March 1. There is no word yet on who will serve as Interim Business Services Officer when Barbara Oliver retires. The HSCL is still negotiating with a candidate for the Director position.


Next Meeting: April 2008





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