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TS/PS/CM Meeting Minutes
January 26, 2006

WorldCat Collection Analysis (John Ingram)

John announced that the State University Libraries (SUL) recently subscribed to OCLC's WorldCat Collection Analysis service.  Through the service the library will obtain collection reports that allow comparisons within consortia (e.g., ASERL, TRLN) and against selected peer institutions as well as facilitate statewide collaborative collection development.  WCA provides data for monographic and serial literature across LC, Dewey, and NLM classifications.  The collection analyses will help the library assess local collection strengths and weaknesses and identify areas of overlap with other SUL.  Rich pointed out that some of the library's material is not included in WorldCat, such as the e-journals.  John responded that the monographic and micrographic collections are the primary focus of the library's WCA efforts.  UF's pilot of the service was completed January 13, 2006.

Item sorting (Cathy Martyniak)

Cathy reported that work is well underway to correct serial item display problems in the catalog.  With procedures and macros in place, students and staff are making progress.  Two MSL students are working on active MSL periodicals, and a Preservation staffperson is tackling the LW active periodicals.  Cathy has met with the A-Team to discuss branch periodicals, which will need to be done next.  Journalism and Education periodicals have already been corrected.  Work on annuals will follow.

New Title list (Betsy Simpson)

Betsy announced that FCLA has created a logical base for new titles and catalogers have begun to flag records for inclusion.  All titles new to the catalog are being flagged.  The group emphasized the need to include new batchloaded titles (e.g., approvals) as well.  Currently, titles stay in the logical base for 60 days.  Public Services requested that this be changed to 120 days. 

The group strongly recommended that there be a way for patrons to easily generate lists of new titles, which can be limited by location, date, call number, and format.  Rich will coordinate customization of the public interface.

Missing items (Lori Driscoll)

Lori shared a draft Missing/Lost Procedure for handling missing items as well as an IPS Definitions Table, which will be migrated to the Web and kept up-to-date.  Current thinking is to have an IPS Web request form for staff to request new IPS.  The group was receptive but unsure how often new IPS will be needed.

In-Process Requests Task Group (Doug Smith)

Doug explained that the work of the task group is closely related to the issues being addressed by the missing items review.  As a result, the task group has delayed meeting until the IPS review is complete.  He expects the task group will meet by the end of March.

Shelf-ready workflow (Lori Driscoll and Betsy Simpson)

A new IPS has been established to track shelf-ready material.  The SR code will be used when batchloading shelf-ready records into the library catalog, which happens before the material is received in Acquisitions.  SR generates the public message "Arriving from vendor."


UF Libraries' OPAC Committee (Rich Bennett)
Rich announced that the UF Libraries' OPAC Committee has been formed.  The SUL PSPC OPAC Subcommittee will meet by conference call the week of January 30.  Martha stressed that it should be possible for the SUL to vary their customization options.  The UF Libraries' OPAC Committee will need to determine to what extent this can be done.

LKR functionality (Steve Fuquay)

Steve demonstrated record linking generated via Aleph's LKR field, which catalogers have begun to implement.  It is especially useful for linking bound titles and serial analytics to their parent records.  Cataloging is also using the field to link e-books to their print equivalents.  The group was pleased with the improved navigability for the user.

Microform reclass (Carol Turner)

Carol explained that Public Services is interested in having all the LW microform reclassed and asked if prior decisions to limit the reclass could be revisited.  Betsy reported that Cataloging is expecting to reclass all the newspaper microform and has recently run Aleph reports to determine how many other microform titles would need to be reclassed.  Lori pointed out that a decision about which microform are coming back to LW will need to be made soon because the contract with the movers is close to being finalized.  Betsy said Cataloging will work out details with a public service group coordinating the move.

OPAC indexes (Denise Bennett)

Denise recommended that a statewide group revisit the Aleph indexes in advance of the next version upgrade when the changes would be implemented.  Martha said she was not sure the reindexing would coincide with the version upgrade and suggested that reindexing decisions take into consideration the impact on file loads.

The following two items were not discussed by the group because the meeting had to adjourn:

Catalog access to databases (Jimmie Lundgren)

Jimmie distributed a handout related to database records in the catalog.  In the handout she points out that Cataloging has been adding records to the library catalog for the databases included in the database locator.  Databases can be accessed in the Web OPAC using the advanced search for Form/Genre keywords "databases".

PALMM Collection records (Betsy Simpson)

PALMM Collection records (i.e., LTQF) are not accessible through the library catalog as they were previously with LUIS.  Cataloging is working with FCLA to load these records into the catalog.  At this stage FCLA has provided a test file and load parameters are being refined.

The next TS/PS/CM meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 13, 10:00-11:30am, MSL 107. The next TS Aleph Implementation Group meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 9, 10:00-11:30am, Library East Conference Room.


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