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TS/PS/CM Meeting Minutes

April 19, 2007




Endeca Update – LeiLani Freund

LeiLani reviewed the current mock up of the new catalog page located at  A state wide Endeca conference call is scheduled for 11am today.  The browse search feature is now functioning and she anticipates the system being up by the end of May with June 1st being the absolute deadline.  Two Endeca Implementation Task Force sub groups, one located at UF (headed by Jason Fleming) and one located at FSU have been working collaboratively on the project.  UF’s sub group will begin usability testing today.  FSU has conducted some preliminary usability testing and it is unclear when they will conduct further testing.  Two weeks ago FCLA contacted the taskforce and requested a prioritized list of modifications that must be made in order to get the system up by June 1st.  LeiLani has been and will continue to maintain a file of feedback/suggestions about the project and welcomes more.  Feedback can be submitted via the Endeca Problem Report Form on FCLA's Endeca blog (log on with Aleph sign-on); however, individuals should be aware that feedback only goes to FSU.  Individuals will receive a confirmation of the information contained in the report form and LeiLani requested that information be forwarded to her.  She noted it is also helpful to submit feedback to the LIBOPAC-L listserv as it fosters discussion. 


LeiLani reviewed the, “Narrowed Results By” left navigation bar.  The bar has been changed from an expanded version to an unexpanded version.   The following comments were made about the change:


The “Narrow By Call Number RangeLCC | NLM | SuDoc | Show" line of text has been shifted to the right due to preliminary usability testing results.  Some meeting attendees expressed a dislike for the change.  LeiLani indicated feedback about the show/hide is desired.


A special TS/PS/CM meeting dedicated to discussing Endeca was suggested.


New titles  - Rich Bennett

The New Titles service has been enhanced recently by improved OPAC displays (of items on order, in process, or in transit), and by allowing these to be requestable online by users in the OPAC. It has been determined that there will be no New Titles function in the Endeca OPAC initially, so library staff should look at the Aleph user interface available through to see how it works for materials from each sublibrary. Suggestions or problems should be reported to Rich Bennett. We'll still need to decide how much to promote the use of this service during the time it only remains available in the Aleph OPAC. The Aleph OPAC user interface will be changing with the upgrade to Aleph Version 18 in July, 2007. That interface will not be modified by FCLA much over what is delivered by Ex Libris "out-of-the-box", so that will factor in the decision to promote the service. FCLA has already agreed to modify the v18 New Titles search screen similar to the modification they did for the current version.


Concern was noted about new titles requested as “rush” appearing in the new title list as hold requests can then be placed on the items.  It was noted however, rush requests are given priority over hold requests.

New titles remain in the list for 120 days.  This is deemed undesirable by some.  The posting length can be easily changed if it determined the time span should be changed. 

Call number searching can be done in new titles; however, the search cannot be narrowed by location.


Resource Navigation Committee – Carrie Newsom

The Resource Navigation Committee is the appropriate forum for Web OPAC and general library web issues.  Currently the group is working on redesigning the proxy pages and the library web pages in general.  A library brown bag luncheon was held to discuss the new home page.  The lunch resulted in a list of suggestions, which was forwarded to Tom Minton.  He is in the process of implementing the suggestions and will send a notification prior to launching the updated page.  The proposed proxy pages can be viewed via the Resource Navigation Committee web site (see  The committee welcomes comments up until June 18th.  The group anticipates launching the updated site by the beginning of Summer B.  Carrie reviewed the following links on the proxy site:


Aleph Version 18 Training Plans - Lori Driscoll, Jackie Brown, Betsy Simpson, Steve Carrico

Per Rich, the upgrade is scheduled to occur July 14-15, 2007.

Circulation - Lori Driscoll distributed an Aleph Circulation Training Summer A schedule.  Lori anticipates classes beginning the 1st of May and continuing thru June with all staff being trained by July.  She also anticipates the classes being confined to 1 hour with sessions being held in the morning and evening.


Cataloging – Training plans are underway.  Jackie Brown, CatMet Dept Training Coordinator, and Betsy Simpson anticipate sessions being offered in June and July.  The functionality in Aleph 18 is similar in a lot of ways to the current version; however, improvements have been made.  A number of CatMet Dept staff are currently conducting functionality testing.


Acquisitions – Training plans have not been solidified; however, Steve Carrico does plan to hold acquisitions training sessions as well as sessions geared to the needs of the Print Media Management Committee members. 


Web OPAC Item Sort – Margeaux Johnson (PowerPoint presentation)

The Web OPAC item sort is sorting multi-volume sets chronologically and serials in reverse chronological order.  The pros and cons of both types of sorts were discussed.  No immediate change will be implemented.  The topic will be reviewed by the Resource Navigation Committee and Leilani Freund in relation to Endeca and Aleph. 

Naomi, Ben, Bobby, and Lori will collaborate on item clean-up for storage serials.  Rich Bennett offered to check the current Endeca sort and contact LeiLani about the issue. UPDATE: Rich investigated this after the meeting and sent a message to LeiLani, the SUL PSPC OPAC Subcommittee Chair, and FCLA reporting what he found and asking what options might be available to us regarding Endeca.


Table of Contents Indexing – Blake Landor

As previously discussed at the 1/11/07 TS/PS/CM Meeting, purchased table of contents are currently indexed in Title Keywords, Author Keywords, Title Browse Headings, and Author Browse Headings.  The CM Dept would like the table of contents removed from these indexes and only included in the Keyword Anywhere and Keyword Notes indexes to decrease "false drops."  Some find the current setup increases clutter in the search results and makes teaching title searches cumbersome and looking for duplicates more difficult.  Others feel that there are advantages to having the table of contents included in the broader range of indexes and suggested that usability testing be done.  Further discussion is needed in light of the upcoming transition to Endeca, which might allow for creative workarounds, such as relevancy ranking that places table of contents hits at the bottom of search results lists.  

It was noted that removing table of contents from particular indexes is dependent on FCLA regenerating the Aleph indexes, which isn't scheduled to be done until all SUL have upgraded to version 18.

Next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, July 12, 10:00-11:30am, Smathers Room 100.


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