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TS/PS/CM Meeting Minutes
July 25, 2006

The group agreed that it would be a good idea to send future TS/PS/CM meeting announcements to the division e-mail lists.  Jan (PS) and Tara (CM) volunteered to share responsibility with Betsy (TS) for setting the agenda and facilitating the meetings.  

Research Gateway

Leilani announced that the beta test will continue into the fall.  To date, there has been limited feedback from users.  The Resource Navigation Group would like to meet with the Instruction group to develop training. 

Jimmie thanked those who attended the recent sessions to discuss the subject categories.  For now, categories will default to an A-Z arrangement although selectors can specify an order if desired.  The Research Navigation Group will develop draft lists of suggested standard resources and solicit input.  

Library West Collection Prep

Shelley explained that the Library West Collection Preparation Committee has essentially completed its charge and highlighted the following:

Rich commented that the UFSMA collection code should continue to be used for the LW reference and video collections until he sends notification to switch to UFSWE.  The OPAC will display the Library West location.  Other collections, such as Judaica, will be handled similiarly, i.e., UFSJU will continue to be used until a change is communicated; the OPAC will display Library West.   Rich will update the online Sublibrary/Collection list as changes are made.  

New Titles

Betsy reminded the group that the New Titles Web site is ready but it will not go live until Access Services is ready to issue e-mail notifications for holds placed on new titles with CT (In Cataloging), PP (Physical Processing), and SR (Shelf Ready) IPS.  

The fall issue of Library News will include an announcement about the New Titles list.  

LW new books

Doug S. mentioned that two booktrucks of newly cataloged LW books, which have been held in Cataloging while the move is taking place, were picked up by Access Services personnel on Monday.  Both Lori and Matthew were surprised at this news and will look into it.

Collection statistics

Betsy announced that Cataloging is assuming responsibility for gathering collection statistics reported via UF's ARL Form 1.  Noting that Form 1 is out-of-date, she asked for assistance in delineating the specific statistics needed by the owning locations.  Carol T. offered that Library Council recently discussed plans to form a committee to address such statistics issues.  

Chemistry genre/form project

Jimmie described a recent project with Carrie involving the use of the 655 genre field to create an index of chemistry titles with property data.  To access the titles, users and staff can search by Subject, Form/Genre or Form/Genre Keywords.  Selectors might find this type of access helpful to use for other needs.  

LC series

Betsy shared the following e-mail announcement about Cataloging's handling of multi-volume sets as a result of the recent LC series changes.  The announcement was sent to the Public Services Council, CM Division, and Tech Services Steering Committee on June 22.  She will forward the message to the Public Services Division.

Multivolume sets currently cataloged as sets will be maintained as sets.

Decisions about the cataloging and classification of newly received multivolume sets will be based on a variety of factors, including the availability of copy in OCLC, cataloger discretion regarding access, input from selectors, as well as whether the set is on standing order through a shelf-ready vendor. In light of the LC decision to analyze and class separately multivolume sets, coupled with the reality of a cataloging workflow heavily dependent on LC copy, frequently multivolume sets will be individually cataloged and classed. In cases where all or part of a set is analyzed, the catalog record will include a 440 heading for the collective title.

Cataloging and Acquisitions are identifying classed together series titles on standing order that are not already received shelf-ready to determine if it might be possible to acquire shelf-ready processing for them.  This would eliminate the potential problem of these titles being inadvertently classed separately. 

E-version series

Betsy mentioned that providing analytics in the catalog for e-versions of series is proving to be difficult unless the vendor provides MARC records.  This represents a significant change for titles no longer received in print.  The Continuing Resources Committee has been looking into the issue.  

OCLC's eSerials Holdings service

Rich said UF signed up for OCLC's eSerials Holdings service last week.  Serials Solutions has been authorized to send monthly updates to OCLC of our e-journal holdings for display in WorldCat.


Rich reported that FCLA received Endeca training last week.  A prototype version will be available for review in the fall.  At this point, it is unclear to what extent Endeca will impact Aleph OPAC development.  In response to questions, Rich explained that Endeca sits on top of Aleph and is updated daily, which means the data is not as current as Aleph's.  Whether this lag in currency applies to circulation data is uncertain.

Aleph Version 18

FCLA plans to implement Version 18 across the SUL in summer 2007.  Rich said the UF Aleph Steering Committee was given access to the new client on FCLA's development server last month.  One big change to note is that with Version 18 the search module is fully integrated into the other modules.


Rich announced an upcoming online session related to ISBN-13:

Are you ready for ISBN-13?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006 beginning at 3:00 p.m.
In January 2007 the old familiar ten digit ISBN will be replaced by a new numbering scheme. Is your library prepared for this change? During this session we will explore the following: Why will agencies across the world implement a new thirteen digit numbering scheme? What will the new ISBN-13 numbers look like? Is there a conversion tool? How will the new ISBN-13 impact your patrons at the reference desk, book purchases, interlibrary loan and beyond? Libraries are entering a new era … are you ready? Join us for an introduction to ISBN-13 and its impact on libraries.
Presenter: Karen Swetland, Reference Coordinator at the University of South Carolina Upstate Library.
Sponsored by the South Carolina State Library. This OPAL event will be held in the Auditorium.

Aleph training

Denise recently conducted advanced Aleph training sessions for selected staff.  She is willing to hold additional sessions if desired.

Betsy reported that Acq/Cat/Binding is looking into offering a training session in the fall and may send a survey to staff to assess needs.

The next TS/PS/CM meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 12, 10:00-11:30am, MSL 107.


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