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TS/PS/CM Meeting Minutes

October 12, 2006


Storage Facility

Ben Walker reported updates on ALF. Information can be seen here. Ben emphasized that there is not a large amount of space available, and some space is needed for current and ongoing changes and projects. Questions should go to Ben or Hang Soohoo.


“Ask a Librarian”

Marilyn Ochoa reported that the library has joined a statewide information service which benefits users by way of extended availability in the chat service. The service is provided by Florida libraries and is operated by library staff from public, academic, school, and special libraries throughout Florida.


Also included in this service is free email service. Previously this service was run through NetAgent, and there was a great need for this since NetAgent's demise. Questions are able to be assigned and status is visible with the new email service. Consequently, the Email a Reference Question webpage has been updated to reflect new service. Currently there are only a few staff within the library that have user names and passwords to this email service, but those that are doing email reference are certainly invited to try this service and would need to contact Marilyn or Jana.  Carol Drum suggested that a main email account be set up for areas rather than these reference emails going to a specific person, in the event of staff absences. Marilyn agreed that this could be accomplished and would check into it.


One other benefit of note provided from this service is a once weekly advertisement in the Alligator.


Quick stats: IM Sept-Nov 270

                       IM Jan-Sept 800


Angela Mott gave an update on Information Point, see handout for details provided about the original recommendations and where we are now and statistics. Service began August 2, 2006.


Research Gateway

Tom Minton reported that per PSC, the Research Gateway has come out of “Beta” status. To encourage more use, links have been added to the E-Journals and Database webpages. Feedback is still being requested on the main page of the library website or the committee can be emailed directly. Regarding training, information has been and will be given out during the Tuesdays with Tom sessions. Shaun Saxon will be doing more formal training in the coming days.


Barcode Placement

Ann Lindell expressed concern about the placement of the barcode on the back of books and materials as often times needed information is covered up. Ann requested that this discussion be an agenda item at the next joint meeting. It was agreed that each division would discuss this and the topic would in fact be an agenda item at the next meeting to possibly change procedure and placement of barcodes.


MSL Building Plans

Tara Cataldo reported that a new committee has been formed: The MSL Building Planning Committee. Members include: Denise Bennett, Tara, Carrie Newsom and.Rob Roberts. This committee has resulted from the upcoming 20 year birthday for MSL. The committee is in the information-gathering mode and will have a report to Dale by mid-December. Staff interviews for workflow and space are ongoing currently.


There are two schools of thought reflective of budget availability.

  1. Short Term/Less Expensive Possibilities:
  1. Long Term/Requiring more available monies
  • Carpet
  • Merging areas
  • Paint
  • Study Rooms
  • Wiring
  • Renovate 2nd floor service desk
  • Renovate/update Loading Dock/Mailroom


Lost and Missing Procedure

Lori Driscoll reported that a work group met and established new documentation (available in the Circulation Manual). Information can be found at There will be a review session at this month’s Circulation Town Meeting (October 25, 3:30 PM in L107).



Doug Kiker (in place of Michele Crump) gave a synopsis of Verde (the latest Ex-Libris product). It is an Electronic Resource Management System that has been in development for the past two to three years. It is a consortial project with FCLA and four Florida Universities: UF, UCF, USF and FIU. Verde is a tool that will house information for all electronic products that we subscribe to or have bought, including databases, E-Journals, E-Books, etc. This should help centralize information as well as provide better reporting capabilities and management of internal workflows.  This product should also help with licensing organization.




Right now there is a test region that FCLA and Ex-Libris have set up. Because the product isn’t as far along as anticipated, the four universities have agreed to postpone training that was supposed to take place in November, until more details can be worked out.


Aleph Version 18

Rich Bennett explained that in order to upgrade fully, that previous versions between where we are currently (15.5) and where we will be (18) will have to be run through in the background (FCLA) one version up at a time. These background upgrades are being done via FCLA for all of the institutions. The plan is for the final upgrade to version 18 to be done next summer. Each institution will go live at a different time. One thing that needs to be taken into account for timing is UF’s end of year for acquisitions.


There are several issues that come with the preparation of this upgrade, namely training and testing. There are a lot of unknowns currently. A demonstration database has been viewed, but data is dummy data rather than our own for the time being. FCLA is receiving training from Ex-Libris in October/November on some of the table changes.


Regarding training, Rich explained that the same amount of training or less would be needed as when the change was made from NOTIS to Aleph. Training will take place sometime after February, when Ex-Libris has done training with FCLA.


Rich stated that he would be sending out an update with further details at a later date. He will also send out an update about Endeca.


Boxes/Copy Cataloging

Doug Smith explained that Copy Cataloging is running out of boxes. He requested to have boxes saved and returned if possible to avoid unnecessary expenditure. AFA and MSL agreed to return boxes.

The next TS/PS/CM meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 11, 10:00-11:30am, MSL 107.


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