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Cross-Divisional Meeting Minutes

October 13, 2007



Security Guards – Bill Covey

Bill was unable to attend this meeting. The agenda item has been postponed.


Email Space and Issues – Logan Clapp

A new spam filtering system was installed 10 days ago and has since caused a major reduction in the amount of Inbox spam. Staff may need to set their Outlook filters lower.


The 25 megabyte e-mail box size limit will continue. If a staff member needs a larger mailbox, their department head should send a SysHelp. Size limits will be increased on a need-only basis.


Systems is considering a move to the Campus Exchange Server. This move will probably happen in Spring 2008. E-mail addresses would remain the same and size would be unlimited.


Space limits on the current file server will continue until the additional server is set up. This should be by the end of Fall 2007. In the meantime, staff should continue to check their network folders and clean out unnecessary files. The Vista files are taking up much of the space, but this problem will be fixed when the new file server is installed.


Web Archiving - Erich Kesse

The Institutional Repository will not be archiving the Library’s web pages due to understaffing. UFDC is working with Carl Van Ness to archive some University web pages. The Wayback Machine will archive sites for you after an initial request. It performs top-down archiving. It does not always capture JavaScript and will not archive sites that block robots.


ETD Process Overview – Bobby Parker

In 2000, the University set a requirement that all theses and dissertations be submitted electronically. Preservation receives Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) from the Graduate Editorial Office (GEO) approximately 4-6 weeks after graduation. Preservation reconciles and compares rights and permission forms against the ETD. Upon verification, the GEO FTPs the ETDs to the Florida Center for Library Automation (FCLA). FCLA spends approximately a week to process the ETDs and then sends two spreadsheets to Preservation: a master list of information and a file format list. Preservation clarifies the release date lists and alerts FCLA to send appropriate files to ProQuests. Future release dates are filed. This results in a 7-11 week delay between graduation and ETD publication. If authors want to change their restrictions, have them contact Carl Van Ness.


Bobby will change the website to reflect an easier-to-read FAQ format. The GEO will provide students with a link to this page and an article on ETD submissions will appear in the next Library newsletter.



ETD Retrospective – Cathy Martyniak

10,000-12,000 Legacy paper Dissertations have been submitted since 1937. Preservation is attempting to contact authors for permissions to scan these Dissertations. This would make the text searchable, as scanned Dissertations will be made available in the Library Catalog. The legal form is located here.


Satellite Library Collections – Betsy Simpson and Vernon Kisling

Several collections are listed in the UF Library Catalog which are not housed in Library Collections. The guideline for satellite collections was last updated in 2005. A proposal was made to review and revise current agreements with the satellite collections and determine whether or not they belong in the Catalog. Clarification on collection locations within the Catalog is also needed. If staff members are interested in joining a Task Force on this issue, please contact Vernon or Betsy.


Endeca Update – Jason Fleming

The Endeca Update Powerpoint presentation is available here.


PALMM Records Duplication – Betsy Simpson

PALMM Collection Items were included in older OPACs but not in Aleph. After migration to Aleph in 2004, FCLA was asked to provide these files. They agreed and sent PALMM Records in 2006. Now FCLA has determined a way to load PALMM records into Endeca, which results in file duplication. The TS Aleph Implementation Group would like feedback on whether to erase duplicate files. Responses were mixed and it was pointed out that patrons primarily use Endeca. Any additional comments/concerns should be sent to Betsy.


Aleph Enhancement Voting – Rich Bennett

FCLA forwarded a list of eleven enhancements for the next version of Aleph, pulled from more than one hundred proposals submitted. These eleven enhancements are to be ranked in order of importance and submitted to ELUNA by October 19, 2007. The group discussed each of the eleven items and determined a preliminary ranking order. If you want the list, please contact Rich.


Library Fines – Lori Driscoll

Dean Russell asked for a Library Fines Task Force to gather information on UF Libraries fine system and how it compares to other ARL Libraries. The report was completed in August. After review, Dean Russell asked the Task Force to prepare a proposal to present to the University Library Council. Currently, funds collected from Overdue Funds are not returned to the Libraries. The proposal seeks to change that by allowing those funds to be reinvested in the Libraries. The proposal outlines a semester-long borrowing policy for students, faculty, and staff, a $20 overdue fine after a 10-14 day grace period, and a $35 replacement fee for lost books. Please send any questions to Lori.


Web 2.0 – Laurie Taylor

Laurie outlined several information and communication tools which are currently used by students. The Library 2.0 Working Group has been reviewing ways in which the Libraries can remain up-to-date with these tools. Systems now has test blogs and they are working on a temporary load, pending approval. Facebook was provided as an example; 90% of students use this communication tool and a UF Staff Network already exists. The Working Group is attempting to provide access to the Library Catalog from within Facebook.


Active Shooter Planning – Trudi DiTrolio

Trudi provided a summary of Captain Holcomb’s presentation on Active Shooter preparedness. It is recommended that each department meet and decide on a safe meeting space in case of emergency.


Next Meeting: January 17, 2008




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