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Cross-Divisional Meeting Minutes

April 17 , 2008



Spotlight Segment featuring the Architecture and Fine Arts Library – Ann Lindell

The Cross-Divisional Group asked library heads to do rotating presentations on their respective libraries in an effort to allow Staff and Faculty to “Get to Know” the branch libraries.


Ann Lindell provided a PowerPoint presentation and outlined the history and resources the AFA Library has to offer. Built in 1965, the AFA Library is located in Fine Arts A. There are two entrances and it is not ADA compliant, due to the year it was built. It is famous for its double-decker carrels. It services the Building Construction, Landscape Architecture, and Art departments. Interdisciplinary programs include Historic Preservation and Museum Studies. Materials include large circulating and video collections.


Staff members are working on a major reclassification project for shelving space. Dewey materials are moving to storage. Once complete, the item records will be changed to reflect “storage” and Cataloging will change the item to a Library of Congress call number. This project is expected to continue through the summer semester.


Update on Blogs and Wikis – Will Chaney

The blog server is ready for use as of this morning. The Blog Policy and a demo page are available. Several themes are available. Systems has asked that pictures be linked via an external image host, such as Flikr or Picasa, as opposed to hosting images on the blog server. Information will be automatically backed up. A spam blocker is in place, though Admins are encouraged to routinely check their blogs. Blogs hosted on external servers can be moved, though they are not required to do so. Activation will begin on Monday. Send a SysHelp if you need to set up a blog account. Only Admin accounts are created in Systems. Any questions can be sent via SysHelp and comments can be sent to Will Chaney.


Shared Remote Storage Facility Update – Ben Walker

The Statewide SSF Task Force have been meeting every two weeks since February 2008. The goal is to work on policy recommendations based on research of other institutions which use a shared storage facility. FCLA is working with Generation 5 th software to integrate items into Aleph.


The Task Force received letters of support from SUL Provosts. These are being compiled to present to the Board of Governors in May. The plan is to request earlier funding, which will save SUL an estimated $1.7M in storage costs. If approved, the BOG will submit the recommendation to the Legislature for review.


LibGuides – Merrie Davidson

Selectors are starting to use LibGuides as subject guides. They can also be used on topics of general interest or as committee communication. LibGuides are similar to Wikis, but the software is installed on a UF server so there is no need to use web software such as Contribute in order to create web pages. Users may embed videos, set up RSS feeds, link to podcasts, include chat widgets, and much more. Training sessions are available. Support staff is timely and helpful. Overall page formats are limited, but LibGuides work well until Wikis are available.


Endeca Update – Jason Fleming and Colleen Seale

Jason and Colleen gave a brief update on Endeca developments. Google Books showed on Endeca pages beginning Monday. Items move to the test catalog after the “sandbox” and will be ready for production soon. The UF Catalog added an “add all” button. The Work Group is attempting to reduce icons to one. More communication from staff members is desired. Circulation records update dynamically, but course reserves and new items do not.


There will be an Open Forum on May 14. Staff are asked to note how many times they refer patrons to use Aleph over Endeca. Statistics will be collected.


A handout was distributed with helpful links, including the Endeca Communications Group, Endeca Statistics, Endeca Sandbox, Endeca (general purpose) Test Catalog, FCLA Endeca Project, and the SUL PSPC OPAC Subcommittee.


UFDC records (UF Digital Collections in Endeca – Betsy Simpson

Erich Kesse and Mark Sullivan are working with FCLA to establish a process for including records for UFDC in Endeca.  A subset of UFDC items are included in PALMM, the SUL Shared Digital Collections project.


Domestic Approval Plan Transition – Peter McKay

Blackwell representatives will be available at 1pm this afternoon for an open session. They are in town to work out processes and will return in May to start profiling. There will be ample opportunity to meet with these representatives in the forthcoming months.


Selector slips will now be electronic forms. Selectors will have to set up searches in Collection Manager. Items are searchable by more than call numbers.


Blackwell is working with a program developer on the peer reporting function. They are partnering with Lib Dynamics.


Xerox/Printing Update – Stacey Ewing

The Printing Task Force is looking at solutions in anticipation of the Xerox contract ending in November. The CIRCA model is the most popular and is also used at the HUB. The downside to this model is that it does not cover non-affiliated printing. Amy Polk is investigating the possibility of using temporary Gator 1 cards with declining balance.


For photocopying, Oce Printing would provide all-in-one servicing, while Xerox is attempting to develop a supplemental solution which would work with the CIRCA system. An additional idea is one-touch scanning stations.


MSL Retreat – Tara Cataldo

In Feburary, the Marston Science Library Faculty attended a retreat to the Austin Carey forest in honor of MSL’s 20 th anniversary. Two major projects to improve service were devised during the retreat. The first project is a Joint Service desk. This summer, Circulation and Reference will combine scheduling and cross-train. The second project is a better web presence. A graduate student was hired to create a science portal and LibGuides are being used.


Library West Reorganization – Shelley Arlen

Shelley is consulting with various departments on reorganization. H&SSS and CM will be integrated. Access Services is content with the organization proposed by Dean Judith Russell. CM Support Staff are currently included in the Library West model, though this is not final. Other institutions’ organizational charts are being reviewed. A meeting with all Library West staff will occur at some point in the future. Any feedback may be sent to Shelley.


SelfCheck Update – Lori Driscoll

Provost Janie Fouke approved the purchase of three SelfCheck machines and software maintenance for two years. Library West will borrow a SelfCheck machine from FCLA as part of the pilot project. A group is working to test the machine at FCLA and set parameters for Aleph. The installation will take place during intersession. Separate groups are working on developing training, PR, policy, procedures, and assessment. After purchase, one machine will be installed in MSL and the other two will be installed in Library West. Primary support will be Mathew Daley and Scott Fagan. Any questions may be sent to Lori.


HR Update – Brian Keith

A presentation was given on recent hires, exits, and active searches. There were three recent hires and an anticipated five exits. The three active searches include an Electronic Resources Librarian, Development Officer, and Grants Officer. A candidate for the Development Officer position was interviewed on April 10. The Grants Officer position will be funded for at least two years. Two pending searches include the Training/Development position vacated by Trudi DiTrolio, and an Associate Dean for Technology and Support. The search committee for the latter is not yet formed.


The Performance Maintenance Initiative went very well, with 151 staff evaluations completed.


Budget Update – Dean Judith Russell

President Machen announced yesterday that he will defer his announcement to the Board of Governors until May 4-5. The final budget amount for the Libraries will be known at that time. Budget planning continues. If there are not additional cuts, Dean Russell asks that departments focus on their OPS budgets. The HR office produced an analysis which shows that only 4.4% of OPS funds are being used on Federal Work Study. The Music Library staffs 62% FWS students. An anticipated $200K of OPS budget will be taken with a projected goal of 30% FWS use.


The Division of Sponsored Research (DSR) asked for a report on how the Libraries spent the funding provided for this fiscal year. The funds were spent as a partial payment of the Science Direct payment. Dean Russell drafted a letter to the DSR asking to increase funding to cover the entire bill for next year. She and Wallace McLendon are attempting to schedule a face-to-face meeting with DSR. A response is expected by July or August.


Announcements – All

Extended Hours in MSL and LW will begin soon.


Congratulations to John Freund for winning the Edible Book Contest.


Library West will close from May 2-11 for replacement of the cork flooring on the 2 nd floor. Lori Driscoll will announce retrieval procedures once they are decided.


Faculty are reminded to vote Tuesday and Wednesday on the Faculty Union-UF negotiations.


The Suzy Covey Comic Book Collection Dedication and Reception will be this afternoon at 2pm. This also marks the gallery opening of the National Obsessions: Twentieth Century Pop Culture, Comics and Cross-Promotional Merchandizing exhibit. Refreshments will be served.


Next Meeting: July 2008



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