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Technology Services Steering Committee Meeting


March 22, 2005

Members Present: Julia Allen, Rich Bennett, Suzy Covey, Michele Crump, Martha Hruska, Erich Kesse, Cathy Mook, Lawan Orser, Betsy Simpson

Members Absent: Bill Covey, Tom Minton, Nancy Williams, Naomi Young

No date has been set for Lowe's occupancy of LAD. TS impact at this point seems limited to reclass efforts. Rich doesn't expect any Aleph Sublibrary/Collection adjustments. Rich explained that globally changing Sublibraries and/or Collections is a major undertaking due to Aleph's complex table configuration.

Aleph permissions
Suzy and Rich are working on the permissions setup for Preservation and Cataloging. Suzy will forward Cathy and Betsy draft spreadsheets. Rich will send information re. which functions FCLA restricts for their use only.

Serials Solutions record load
Rich described the chaotic nature of e-journal aggregator packages and the resulting difficulties in maintaining current Serials Solutions data. That said, Rich reported that soon Serials Solutions will be notified to send MARC records.

Michele and Rich attended a demo by TDNet, an e-resource management company, at FCLA on March 21. TDNet offers competitive alternatives to services available through Aleph (SFX, MetaLib) and Serials Solutions. See

Budget update, including OPS
Per Michele, $448,471.37 remains in the book budget. $13,000 is due from HSCL. DSR funds stand at $63,213.99 with $350,000 coming from a variety of sources.

Martha said TS OPS funds are on track. The increase in minimum wage could affect the library significantly, possibly raising current OPS levels by $100,000. Additional upcoming pressures on the library's budget include moving material out of storage and reclass activities.

Reclass project
Lawan reported that 25,000 periodical volumes have been relabelled thus far with 8,000 in the queue due to lack of staffing. Attempts to hire OPS have not been fruitful. Travelling back and forth to ALF is problematic for students, so the focus is on hiring stadium OPS.

1,655 periodical titles will be reclassed. Assigned LC call numbers have been verified for all but 410 titles at this point.

The books reclass software has been tested on 199 volumes in the Dewey 600 range, and it works as desired. The call number changes and the current date populates the Item Record Inventory Date. In addition, it adds an HOL 852 $x date (e.g., 2005/2/dmu).

TOC enhancements
Betsy announced that 59,561 records, out of 155,202, have been enriched with Blackwell's tables of contents. Expenses to date equal $44,670.75 ($.75/enriched record) for 1991-1996 files. The hit rate has steadily grown from 3% for 1991 matches to 56% for 1996 matches.

Erich is a participant in a national TOC project initiated by the Library of Congress, which is focussed on circulating collections published before 1985. Advances made nationally to enrich records would augment local efforts. Erich mentioned that DLC plans to investigate possibilities for migrating structural metadata for locally digitized material to 505s in UF catalog records.

In Naomi's absence, Martha reported that CAGER is developing policies for e-journals and databases and will meet during the Florida Library Association meeting. Erich inquired if Naomi has shared the Digital Library Federation guidelines with CAGER yet, and Betsy said she believed so but would check with Naomi.

Library Web
Michele commented that UF's new marketing effort could affect Web site design across campus.

Betsy asked if plans exist to migrate the library to MS Office 2003. OCLC's Terminologies/thesauri pilot project, which provides catalogers access to a variety of thesauri via Connexion, requires participants to have Office 2003. Martha said Systems plans to implement Office 2003 within the next year.

Erich reported the following:
Tracking database is working
Mark Sullivan will return to DLC on March 25
Greenstone server software is being set up
NDNP grant accepted
LSTA grant to convert in-house newspaper archive workflow from analog to digital is in process
Baldwin grant digitization is a little behind but moving along
Ephemeral Cities grant work will conclude in the near future

TS Goals 2005/06
Martha hopes the goals as currently written address areas of on-going work in the division. The Process Improvement tasks will include authority workflow analysis and recommendation for both the traditional authority infrastructure as well as authority development for digitized material.

Referring to Oregon State's strategic plan, Martha expressed a desire for the library to move toward a more simple, straightforward expression of its core agenda.

Bulletin Board
A number of TSSC members have used LiBBS. Suzy reported that there are 26 registered users.

Comments included the following:
Not possible to send e-mails to LiBBS
Can close topics by either removing or archiving
Not all threads lend themselves to the bulletin board format
LiBBS forums can be restricted when necessary (e.g., proprietary information being shared)