May 27, 2004



Members Present:  Rich Bennett, Bill Covey, Michele Crump, Stephanie Haas, Martha Hruska, Tom Minton, Cathy Mook, Lawan Orser, Betsy Simpson, Phek Su, and Naomi Young

Members Absent: Erich Kesse



1)                Announcements


         Martha asked committee members to encourage staff to attend Steve Shorbís workshops on the Time & Labor procedures in PeopleSoft.  Department heads should make sure that at the least their staff members are aware of the new time keeping procedures in UF Bridges and have done relevant tutorials.

         Guidelines for distributing faculty merit raises should be coming out of UF Administration soon. The guidelines will instruct departments to base raise decisions on existing departmental merit criteria.  Decisions are due by the end of July and will be effective July 1 but will not appear until August 18th.  Currently the administration is leaning toward giving staff other than faculty $1000 bonuses and then requesting a 3.5% salary increase in the 2005-2006 legislative budget request.  President Machen wants to make improving salaries at UF a priority.

         The library should receive a budget within the next two weeks. Martha is trying to assess what will be needed for OPS for 2004-2005.

         President Machenís inauguration is set for September 9th and 10th.  Once a theme is decided upon UF Administration will want all units to participate.

         Marcia Martin has been hired in the Science Cataloging Unit and will begin working the second week in June.

         The Senior LTA search in Serials Cataloging was unsuccessful.  Due to re-organization the hiring is postponed until the new supervisor of this position can do the hiring.

         June 4th is the deadline to finalize hires.

         Bill Covey is trying to fill the vacant position in Systems by the June 4th deadline.


2)                Possible summer projects


         Clean up of remaining item records once FCLA updates what they can do automatically.  It was noted that Public Services has expressed concern that an effort should be made to have item records for all materials including retrospective bound periodical volumes, retrospective microfilm, and new microfiche.  Public Services may be able to provide a staff member that could work on such a project this summer.  A group will be assembled soon to discuss this project.

         Julia Allen ran a report on problem holdings records and found there are approximately 7700 holding records that have the old Lambda 866 fields. These records have partially duplicated holdings between the old and new fields. Some clean up can be done automatically but the entirety of the problem cannot be fixed automatically.  Naomi Young estimates a manual clean up would take approximately 39 weeks if one person worked 20 hours a week, 19 weeks if two people. Michele Crump suggested there might be a way to run macro express to do some of the cleanup.

         The holdings for non-serials that were suppressed in NOTIS are displaying in ALEPH.  Betsy Simpson will work on obtaining a report of these holdings in order to do clean up.  This may not need to be an OPS project.

         When Library West reopens Dale Canelas is committed to the idea that all materials will be in LC.  Martha is not ready to start this re-class project until possibly July.  Project would start with currently received Dewey Periodicals, 1980 forward cutoff.  The rest would remain in storage.  It would also involve the currently received periodicals on the open stacks in Library East. Lawan estimates that 41,000 volumes (1980 to date) need re-labeling, and 6,700 volumes need to be barcoded.

         Vendor codes project

         Funds are needed to purchase TOC enhancement fields to be added to our catalog records retrospectively.  Testing is being delayed because FCLA is very busy.

         Martha Hruska needs an estimate of OPS budget needs for summer projects and preferably for the rest of the year by the end of next week.


3)            Web Site


         Staff and public templates are complete and should work in any editor.  Demo workshops to explain how to use the templates will be scheduled during June.


4)                Organizational changes


         Discussions continue about reorganization.  Martha Hruska is not locked into a July 1st effective date for reorganization.  She hopes to discuss this topic at the June Library Council meeting.  In order to officially split Resource Services into two departments a senate approval process will have to be completed.


5)            Phek Suís farewell


         Martha Hruska thanked Phek Su for her years of dedicated service.


6)            Other


         Stephanie Haas noted that URLs in 856 fields do not seem to be functioning in the Aleph catalog.  If a URL in one record is opened and not closed then a second URL in another record will not open.  Rich Bennett will review records in other ALEPH catalogs to see if it happens elsewhere.

         LeiLani Freund is working on getting first MetaLib quick search set up.  She is including both the UF catalog and QF.

         Resource Services is approximately a week behind for check in of West materials.