July 15, 2003



Members Present:  Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Michele Crump, Martha Hruska, Cathy Mook, Lawan Orser, Betsy Simpson, Phek Su, and Naomi Young

Absent: Rich Bennett, Erich Kesse, and Lawan Orser


1)            Announcements & Updates


·         Julia Allen will start August 18th as the Electronic Technology Services Coordinator in Resource Services.

·         The Senior Archivist for Database Maintenance position has been posted and will close sometime in July.

·         There is a Senior LTA position in Monographs and one in Serials Acquisitions that should be posted by the end of this week.

·         Retrospective work has been completed for the RLIN data loads.  All of the books and non-books have been completed.  All materials went in with the same prefix for the RLIN ID.  As a result, ILL requests for the HSCL were going to Smathers.  Betsy Simpson believes that that issue has been worked through and FCLA is going to work with RLG to reload some records.  Once that work is complete, Betsy will send a message to the Library Council.

·         Phek Su and Betsy Simpson met with Dave Bloomquist, Director for the University Center for Excellence in Teaching.  UCET’s collection of approximately 200 titles will be added to the libraries’ catalog.  The titles will be circulated manually but the records will be in our catalog, much like materials for the Institute of Black Culture.

·         Sue Marsh, an RLG Representative, will present a series of presentations on July 31st at UF.  One session entitled, “This RedLightGreen,” will be about RLG’s development of a web catalog interface.  She will also talk about RLG’s tech services client, the cultural materials initiative, and a variety of other topics.  Erich Kesse has invited the SUS committee for digital projects to attend.  A more detailed agenda will follow in a day or two.

·         Trudi DiTrolio has scheduled a Safe Campus workshop at the Alumni Center on July 22nd from 1:30p-4:30p.


2)            Budget Update – Michele Crump and Martha Hruska


·         Martha expects an allocation plan for the budget to be signed off on today.  She anticipates that it will be roughly the same as the 2002-2003 allocation, except that the OPS budget may be a little larger.  This increase will help to cover more of the moving expenses during the renovation/addition to Library West.

·         Jack Waters completed the 2003-2004 materials budget allocation and sent it to John Ingram for approval and distribution.  He based it on the 2002-2003 budget.

·         Some money was carried forward in various categories from last year, however these funds will mostly be needed to cover expense related to the building moves and relocations.

·         Applicable departments will receive purchasing cards to buy materials formerly acquired on blankets.  It is not known how thesis and dissertation funds will be used.

·         Donna Alsbury and Ellen Purcell (FCLA) are going to come over and observe Jack Waters do some SAMAS transactions so that they can start coordinating how these acquisitions procedures will work in PeopleSoft.

·         FCLA has made some changes and now the UFID is being supported by NOTIS.

·         Marilyn Ochoa will begin a cross training program with RS beginning tomorrow which will last three months.


3)            Aleph & SFX status – Martha Hruska


·         ALEPH status –

o        There is a meeting for authority staff on July 23rd at FCLA.

·         SFX status –

o        SFX is anticipated to be up before the fall semester begins.


4)            Re-class project – Phek Su


·         Lawan Orser is meeting with Lori Driscoll and Shelley Arlen to discuss re-classing the 900’s prior to moving materials to storage.  Lawan thanked Bill for reestablishing access to the main 900’s folder.

·         Martha noted that Lawan will encourage that materials that might be withdrawn be made priority for the review, followed by other materials that can be designated for storage.

·         Materials destined for storage will not be re-classed.


5)            Library Web – Suzy Covey


·         The Campus Web Committee is doing some usability studies and reviewing web statistics to assess the UF web site. They are using a couple interesting tools in the process.  One is called Ergo Browser and records all the clicks that people make on various pages and loads that information into a spreadsheet to be analyzed.  This is being combined with the other tool called Camtastics. It not only records every click but also makes a movie of what the user does on a given page.  The committee has also profiled several users and will be assigning them tasks to perform on the web.  They are aiming to roll out a redesigned web site in December.

·         The Library’s LiveStats web statistics server seems to be reasonably stable.  Suzy Covey will send out an email to TSSC with the location in case there is anyone who would like to see an example of what it can do.

·         The Webmaster position has been reopened and will close at the end of July.  Suzy Covey (chair of the search committee) has not received any new applications since the reposting.


6)            Systems – Bill Covey


·         The ICPSR tapes have been purged from the tape library in Systems.  We can also get rid of the Federal Reserve tapes that are in K.

·         Gator Link email is unreliable at this time.  If anyone is having problems sending email to an address Bill Covey suggested to just try again in a couple of hours.


7)            Digital Projects – Erich Kesse


Erich Kesse was not able to attend meeting. His update is located at


8)            CAGER – Naomi Young


·         Discussions continue about trying to get an Electronic Serials workshop in the fall.  One would probably be in this area and one in South Florida, possibly towards Boca Raton.  It would be a one-day workshop with an outside trainer.  Naomi Young will discuss the workshop pricing information with Martha.

·         A group at UF is going to set minimal standards for cataloging electronic resources and bring that to CAGER.

·         Recently CAGER’s meetings have focused on addressing questions about projects.

·         There is usually a meeting the first Tuesday of each month.


9)            Library West building plans – Martha Hruska


·         A report is due from Reese Dill (storage building & compact shelving consultant) by the end of the week.  A decision must be made about shelving before renovation of the storage facility can begin.

·         Ground breaking for the renovation/addition is planned for December 2003.


10)          Digital Preservation – Cathy Mook


·         Cathy Mook and Erich Kesse will work on the topic of digital preservation in the coming year.  Areas that must be focused on are how to decide what materials should be digitized, copyright issues, and what should happen to the hard copy once the material has been digitized.

·         FCLA has a digital archive initiative for which they received an IMLS grant.  We anticipate being able to send them materials to be archived. Costs have not been detailed or set yet.

·         The DLC will be receiving a high speed microfilm scanner.  IFAS MSL materials may be one of the pilot for the new scanner.

·         We have re-applied for the Baldwin Grant.  The application is in DSR and will be sent to NEH today.  The proposal does not contain a microfilming component. The grant would take effect in Fall 04.


11)          Electronic Resource Management issues:


·         Statistics, license management – Michele Crump

o        Michele Crump continues to gather statistics about what PDFs and HTMLs have been viewed and what searches have been completed for our electronic resource packages.

o        Jason Fleming and Doug Kiker are looking at various management systems in case DOCUTEK will not serve our purpose.  Bill Covey will let Michele know when DOCUTEK is up and available for review.


12)          Open Access Journals and Hybrids – Martha Hruska


·         Martha suggested that committee members read ARL’s Bimonthly Report 227 for April 2003 entitled “On the Transition of Journals to Open Access,” located at .

·         The Continuing Resources Policy Group will discuss this topic as well as how to support selection and access to open source electronic journals.


13)          Status of TS Priorities & Projects – Martha Hruska


·         Martha handed out a copy of the TS Priorities and Projects for 2003/2004 for review purposes.