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Technology Services Steering Committee Meeting


Aug. 23, 2005

Members Present: Rich Bennett, Suzy Covey, Michele Crump, Winston Harris, Martha Hruska, Erich Kesse, Tom Minton, Cathy Mook, and Betsy Simpson.

Members Absent: Lawan Orser

1) Announcements

· The September 27, 2005 TSSC meeting is being rescheduled to October 4, 2005 due to a conflict in Martha Hruska’s schedule. The Tech Coordinators meeting schedule for this time is canceled.
· CSUL FCLA Joint is scheduled for November 7-9, 2005. On Monday restructuring the committees that report to the CSUL will be discussed by Derrie Perez (USF Library Director) followed by breakout sessions. On Tuesday afternoon, November 8th there will be breakout sessions on a variety of topics. Each of the planning committees is considering a number of breakout topics to discuss. TSPC will be sponsoring a FRBR, MacroExpress, and Aleph data warehouse/statistics breakout sessions. The DDAC group will be sponsoring an OAI breakout session. Martha should be notified if anyone is interested in planning or participating in one of the breakout session presentations. The Restructuring document from the CSUL directors notes that the directors will appoint the chair of each committee. TSPC has recommended that a vice chair /chair elect be appointed each year. The Chair elect will then be chair the following year.
· Chris Holly, an Exlibris representative will visit UF Wednesday, August 31, 10:30-11:30 to present a Verde sales presentation. Mr. Holly also wanted to give a DigiTool sales presentation but that is not certain given the libraries focus on Greenstone. Rich Bennett is asking him to talk about MarcIt, Exlibris suite of products and the ability of components from different programs to work with other programs. Rich is also going to ask him to talk with the Resource Navigation Group.
· Department heads should begin the process of assembling the past year’s departmental statistics and highlights.
· A Town Meeting on Goals and Objectives/State of the Budget is scheduled this Thursday, August 25, 2005 in MSL L107.
· Martha Hruska is going to charge (will post today or tomorrow) a working group to begin taking steps toward bringing documents in the IFAS domain and UF Administrative and publication realm into Greenstone. Stephanie Haas and Cathy Mook will co-chair this group.

2) Updates:

· Aleph permissions – Rich Bennett and Suzy Covey
§ Rich Bennett and Suzy Covey are currently working to expand the permissions in the Acquisitions client “view only” category for budget. This has proven to be problematic because sometimes setting it to view allows more privileges and sometimes less privileges.
§ Cathy Mook will distribute the Aleph permission charts/groupings developed for and by Preservation staff members. It was noted these charts/groupings will be very useful once the Libraries move to an active directory.

· Budget update, including OPS – Michele Crump
§ An additional $1.3 million is needed to bring the materials budget up to last year’s level. So obviously we will need more than that to cover any increases. The fiscal year began with $6.5 million, 2.7 million has been spent and $107,000 encumbered which leave a $3.6 million balance. These figures include $3 million in prepaid Serials accounts.
§ DSR - $129, 000 in carry forward funds. DSR has not dispersed funds for this fiscal year.
§ OPS budgets were distributed at Library Council last week.

· Metalib and web updates – Tom Minton
§ Three Metalib sessions have been offered. Staff members have been asked to help test the program; search results have been inconsistent. A problems list is being compiled. A suggestion was made that perhaps the inconsistent results are related to the time of day searches are being conducted. All the databases and all the categories are not populated. Public Services staff and Collection Managers have been asked to help with the categories. Any staff member interested in helping to test the program should email a member of the Resource Navigation Group.
§ TS Department chairs are being asked to review departmental descriptions currently on the web.
§ Latin America, Human Resources and Facilities web pages still need to be updated to the new Library web templates. Tom Minton and Brian Keith are working together to get HR’s pages updated.

· Serials updates/Serials Solutions – Naomi Young
§ Serial Solutions records have been loaded and manual maintenance has begun. Naomi Young is hoping to meet with Jason Fleming to determine how much programming will be involved and if the macros previously created can be cut and pasted.
§ The first updates have been received and Gerald Langford has processed the additional records (300+). Some deletions and changes have been made.
§ On a side note, Naomi cataloged four electronic only titles as CONSER records. She will be tracking those to see if they show up in Serial Solutions.

· Reclass update – Michele Crump for Lawan Orser

§ As of August 15, 2005 16,850 volumes of HSS non-periodicals have been reclasssed, which includes books, monographic series and annuals. 8,522 volumes were processed in April through Junes; 5, 422 in July; and 2, 906 in the first two weeks of August. Call number s in Aleph are updated weekly.
§ 16.6 percent, or 3,347 volumes of the 20, 197 volumes looked at to reclass were not on shelf. Many are in circulation. Analysis for future batch processing of this category is planned.
§ Reclassed volumes were from Dewey classes 200s, 300s, 600s and 800s. With the exception of the 600s – which was completed, not all candidates in these classes have been reclassified. Titles that readily have LC call number in the old NOTIS catalog or the OCLC database are processed first. Others that need call number review/assignment are forwarded to Cataloging and Metadata staff through Priscilla Williams.
§ Records of all reclass candidates are now available. 30,974 volumes have circulated 5 or more times. When added all copies and volumes of those titles, the number rose to 45,918 volumes. Nearly 98 percent have some form of LC call number. While not all will remain the same once reclassed, in aggregate, they can provide useful information on shelving needs in each area of LC classification.

· CAGER update – Naomi Young
§ Naomi Young is the CAGER Acting Chair. The follow details were discussed during last’s months conference call:
¨ Draft procedures for assigning ISSN retrospectively through the ISSN Network were reviewed. A question was raised as to why CAGER would be involved when ISSN are only assigned to print serials; Naomi Young clarified that the ISSN is assigned to the print record, but can be used on records for a digitized serial in the 776 or simply as a local tracking number. This led to a discussion of SFX implementation. It was noted that SFX refers exclusively to the print ISSN, so it is important to have that information.
¨ FAU’s project to move non-SFX URLs out of the public record was discussed in reference to whether it is better to put the old URL in a 599 or a subfield x in the 856 field. After some experimentation CAGER members determined either option will work equally well. The URL can be search in the WSK (Staff keyword) index.
¨ LTQF cataloging workflows at the member’s respective institutions were reviewed. The information suggests this work has slowed due to Aleph migations.

· Greenstone/Digital Collections – Winston Harris and Erich Kesse
§ UF will have the largest Greenstone Library anywhere. The programming crew has done a great job and the interface is greatly cleaned up due in part to Tom Minton’s help. The navigation system is complete. Mark Sullivan and Ying Tang are working on the loader. The search system will be complete soon. There are currently 27 collection groups (bigger) and 375 smaller groups. Erich Kesse will send out the project’s URL noting that members should keep in mind it is a work in progress and several things do not work yet. Comments should be sent to Winston Harris and Erich Kesse.
§ Erich will demo the project at the next TSSC meeting.

· A Team Projects – Cathy Mook
§ Travis Schaben has been hired and will work 2 days a week in Preservation and 3 days a week in Acquisitions. During his time in Preservation he will try to make sure Current Periodicals binding is as caught up as possible.
§ On September 15, 2005 Cathy Mook and Naomi Young will provide A-Team members with a training session on cleaning up items records. This session will address how to modify item records to make them sort correctly. If this training session is successful it will be provided to the remainder of Public Services employees.
§ Jason Fleming demoed a macro that does item record sorting however it has not yet been finalized.
§ 866 conversions for Library West titles continue. Once the macro is complete Cathy Mook will hire students to perform work. The reclass title list should not be used because reclass materials have already received the 866 conversion.

· TOC status – Betsy Simpson
§ Gerald Langford discovered a diacritics problem in June upon loading the 2000 file. The problem was reported to Blackwell immediately. It has taken Blackwell a while to diagnose the problem as programming errors on their end. It could be quite a while before the errors can be corrected. Blackwell recommended loading the 2000 file with the diacritics problems and then manually correct. After that the 2001 file will be sent to Blackwell.

· Bulletin Board – all
§ The Bulletin Board should become operational again but Winston Harris is not sure when due to other projects.