September 9, 2003



Members Present: Rich Bennett, Will Chaney, Suzy Covey, Michele Crump, Martha Hruska, Erich Kesse, Lawan Orser, Betsy Simpson, Phek Su, and Naomi Young

Absent: Bill Covey and Cathy Mook


1) Announcements & Updates


         SLTA Monograph Acquisitions will be posted.

         SOLINET consulting scheduled for Sept. 23-25.


2) Budget Update Michele Crump


         The Materials budget balance is currently $5,780,979.11.

         Prepayments changed domestic serials vendor to EBSCO. Doug Kiker is cleaning out cancellations. EBSCO will work on the set-up for re-directing the serial subscriptions.


3) Aleph & SFX status Rich Bennett


Proposed Aleph Item Processing Statuses


         There was an ALEPH/FCLA meeting September 4, 2003 to discuss the status of the critical path for the Switch to Production, the subset testing and reload time frames. Consensus that things are reasonably on track.

         The production and test server have been upgraded to 15.5.1.

         The client has been downloaded and subset 4 is to be done before the next full

load. The full load is cheduled to begin in October.

         Systems training is scheduled for the end of October for printing, reports, authorization setup training, etc.




         SFX has been turned on in Cambridge Scientific and ABC CLIO American History and Life. Rich Bennett will notify all library staff about the service status. He noted that SFX does not work with all services.

         Eventually Rich hopes to link SFX via open URL into ILL for materials that we do not have full text for.

         Rich is not sure how SFX functions with RefeXpress. He noted that it works with EZProxy.

         Rich hopes to incorporate a message on the problem report page that alerts users as to which databases we know will not work with SFX.


4) Re-class project Lawan Orser


         Some permissions on NT2r need to be reactivated. Lawan will submit a Sys Help request to have the permissions reactivated.

         10% of the 900 Dewey materials being reviewed for re-class have been returned from Collection Management. Out of 7,093 items, 29% will be re-classed, 63% will go to storage, and 8% will be withdrawn. The re-class should start next week. Lawan will meet with Shelley Arlen and Lori Driscoll this afternoon to discuss procedures.

         There may be more than 2000 re-classed multivolume sets.


5) Library Web Suzy Covey


         A candidate will be interviewed for the Library Webmaster position Sept. 23.

         There are problemsagain with the statistics server.


6) Systems Will Chaney


         Systems has been working on phone lines and networking changes related to LW moves.

         Documents circulation IDs have been submitted to FCLA for activation at the new location.

         Networking in the DOT storage facility will be a requirement.


7) CAGER Naomi Young


         Electronic Serials Catalog workshop dates for December will be scheduled soon through SOLINET.


8) Relocation plans - all


         ILL not certain when staff will move to RS?

         FAQ on the Building moves is underway by the TMT.

         Staff lounge issues with Library West fridge and chairs in lobby.

         LW 148 Training room still discussion to plan for training facility in MSL 107.


9) Preservation Cathy Mook


         Cathy Mook did not attend this meeting.


10) Annual statistics - all


         Electronic resources usage statistics: see


11) Other?