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Technology Services Steering Committee Meeting


Oct. 4, 2005

Members Present: Rich Bennett, Michele Crump, Winston Harris, Martha Hruska, Erich Kesse, Tom Minton, Lawan Orser, Betsy Simpson and Naomi Young.

Members Absent: Suzy Covey and Cathy Mook

Guests: Mark Sullivan and Ying Tang

1) Announcements

· The Policy and Procedure Manual requires revision. Martha Hruska urged TSMG committee members to review the manual and report edits to the appropriate individual(s).

· The Technology Services annual reports have been submitted and will be posted to the Web in the near future.

· The workspace assessments are being assembled and will be posted in Microsoft Outlook/Public Folders/TS Stuff.

2) Updates:

· Greenstone/Digital Collections Demo – Erich Kesse & Winston Harris

§ Winston Harris and Mark Sullivan gave a Greenstone/Digital Collections demonstration. They have made a great deal of progress developing the presentation of UF’s digital collections.

· LTQF - All

§ Discussion centered on loading flat file thru Genload from FCLA to update QF records in Aleph. Betsy agreed to follow up with Mary Ann O’Daniel on the question of the QF records from the other universities.

· Aleph permissions – Rich Bennett

§ Aleph permissions are still a work in progress.

· Budget update – Michele Crump

§ There is $3.1 million remaining in the materials budget.

· Metalib and Web updates – Tom Minton

§ Metalib was upgraded to Version 3.13. There has not been mention of what is different in the new version. A list of issues (existing before the upgrade) is being documented and will be sent to Elaine Henjum

· Serials updates/Serials Solutions – Naomi Young

§ Student employees are using a macro to delete URLs from the print records.

· Reclass update – Lawan Orser

§ 28,500 book volumes have been processed. Due to workload constraints FCLA will not flip Periodical call numbers. It will be done manually instead. Africana selectors want to go ahead and select materials to be reclassed.

· CAGER update – Naomi Young

§ CAGER has not met since the last TSMG meeting.

3) Other

· The Table of Contents project was slowed due to a diacritics problem discovered in June upon loading the 2000 file however everything through 2000 is now loaded. 2001 files will be extracted and sent to Blackwell in the near future. Due to financial constraints the TOC project will end at that time.