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Technology Services Steering Committee Meeting


Nov. 2, 2004


Members Present: Rich Bennett, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Michele Crump, Martha Hruska, Erich Kesse, Tom Minton, Cathy Mook, Lawan Orser, Betsy Simpson, and Naomi Young


Members Absent: Julia Allen and Nancy Williams

1) Announcements

         Natalie Bennett, Senior LTA Monographs Unit, Acquisitions & Licensing, resigned.

         Michele Crump and a number of Acquisitions staff will be in Charleston November 4th-6th. Jack Waters will be in charge while she is gone.

         Erich Kesse is working with FIU on a grant proposal to build a Digital Library of the Caribbean.

         Martha Hruska received a copy of the ARL statistics for 2003-2004. These should be posted to the Web soon.

         The Library Faculty Survey Meeting is on hold due to facilitator delays. This information was noted in a response to a question posted in the staff site suggestion box however, an update should probably be sent to all staff.

         The remaining fall meeting dates for TSMG and TSSC are as follows:

         TSMG - November 23rd

         TSSC - December 14th

2) Udpates:


1. Steering Committee/FCLA meeting on checklist status

          A meeting between the Aleph Steering Committee and FCLA is scheduled for this afternoon to discuss checklists for acquisitions and cataloging functions in Aleph, ongoing communication, reporting, and the location of implementation decisions that have been made. Rich Bennett noted that the native tables can be made available to staff.

          STP checklists for Acquisitions and Cataloging will also be discussed. A formal checklist for circulation functions has not yet been developed.

          At the end of this week Jennifer Kuntz will go on a three-month maternity leave.

2.       Permission status

          Aleph permissions are still a work in progress. When the latest service pack went into effect the ability to work with permissions in the test and production region was adversely affected.

          Role authorizations in PeopleSoft are still problematic. Martha Hruska, Support Services, and Systems are still meeting in an attempt to get role authorizations assigned correctly.

          Work is still being done on the Aleph and PeopleSoft file exchange (flat file). A test file is ready for Health and Law.


         A TSPC conference call was held October 21st. Martha Hruska will serve as Interim Chair thru the end of this year. The following topics were discussed:

         Updates from FCLA for doing authority loads.

         Reviving subcommittees in Acquisitions, Cataloging, and Serials.

         Discussion of why there was not a joint meeting this year. A suggestion will be made to the directors that a joint meeting should be held in Fall 2005. When the directors decided not to hold a joint meeting this year they did support each of the committees having separate meetings during the year.

         Using CAGER to review cataloging resources.

         Notes from the conference call should be posted to the TSPC Web site.

         Vendor MARC records for ejournals

         Serial Solutions will continue. Vendor selection for ejournal MARC records is still being discussed. Priscilla Williams is working on guidelines for ejournal catalog records.

         Budget update - Michele Crump

         The materials budget is $2,395,868.87. This amount includes $1 million from the Provost but does not include DSR monies.

         Reclass project - Lawan Orser

         Two meetings of the Reclass Committee have been held. No firm decisions have been made. Call numbers in ALEPH will change. Budget resources for the project have not been assessed.

         TOC enhancements - Julia Allen, Betsy Simpson

         Paying capabilities for TOC enhancements cost are in place.

         Still looking at how to set the overlay option properly.

         Configuration of the loader (being done by FCLA) is on hold.

         Martha Hruska will talk to Carol Turner about the possibility of xeroxing TOCs for titles that BNA cannot currently provide.

         Library Web - Tom Minton

         Macromedia Contribute 3 has been ordered and can be requested by staff via the SysRequest system.

         Tom Minton is conducting training workshops for administrators as well as general users.

         A calendar for upcoming public library events and important dates is now linked off the Libraries homepage.

         The possibility for a master calendar for internal library events (meetings, training workshops, instruction, etc) is being discussed.

         Systems - Bill Covey

         Recently there has been a major outbreak of spam. Bill Covey advised just to delete.

         Circulation email notices are being sent with an attachment (an automatic feature in Aleph), which is causing the emails to be blocked at many locations on campus.