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Technology Services Steering Committee Meeting


Dec. 14, 2004


Members Present:  Julia Allen, Rich Bennett, Bill Covey, Suzy Covey, Michele Crump, Martha Hruska, Erich Kesse, Tom Minton, Cathy Mook, Lawan Orser, and Betsy Simpson

Members Absent: Nancy Williams and Naomi Young

1)                Announcements

·         Martha Hruska and Carol Turner attended the CNI Fall 2004 Task Force meeting (see in Portland, OR, December 6th & 7th.  She will send a link to the presentations and noted that the Kansas University presentation was very interesting. ( and

·         Library staff will not be scheduled to work during the holiday closing.

2)                Udpates:

·         Aleph

1.        Steering Committee/FCLA meeting on checklist status

          The Aleph Steering Committee and FCLA met November 2, 2004 to discuss checklists for acquisitions and cataloging functions in Aleph, ongoing communication, reporting, and the location of implementation decisions that have been made.  Martha Hruska is in the process of reviewing the status of the topics discussed.

          Martha Hruska asked TSSC members to consider whether we will want to migrate to Version 16 or wait for a later version.

          Rich Bennett will confirm if the FCLA load scheduled for the past week occurred. Update: Suzy Covey reports it did not run 12/11 weekend, is now scheduled to run weekend of 12/18.

          Bill Covey will offer the Sys Help code to FCLA in hopes that FCLA will utilize this program as a way to receive Aleph problem reports.

2.       Permission status

          Some progress has been made in getting A-Team members access.  Rich Bennett is still working on three outstanding issues.  Systematic reviews are not possible at this time.

·         TSPC

§         The January 7th TSPC meeting agenda has not been finalized however a sharing of Aleph experiences, authority recommendations, and the use of a CAGER liaison are expected to be discussed.

·         Vendor MARC records for ejournals

§         UF will get Serial Solutions' 2005 MARC records.  A test load will be run and it is anticipated that records will be begin showing up in January.

·         Budget update - Michele Crump

§         There is currently $171,028.35 in the materials budget. A Harrassowitz refund ($507,275) will be added to the budget.  Refunds will also be received from Swets and EBSCO and will be put back into the electronic resources budget.

§         OPS reports are still problematic.

·         Reclass project - Lawan Orser

§          Collection Management reviewed a list of 1,653 currently received Dewey Periodicals.  Of those, 1,526 will move back to the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS), 44 the Africana, and 83 the Asia collections in Library West.  Titles selected for the HSS will be reclassified first.  For 139 titles that are in JSTOR, only volumes of years 2000 to-date will be returned to Library West.  A test run of approximately 200 volumes was planned for after Thanksgiving but there have been delays.

·         TOC enhancements - Julia Allen, Betsy Simpson

§         This has been delayed due to difficulties with GenLoad, however a new file has been sent to BNA and should be returned in the very near future.

·         Library Web - Tom Minton

§         The purchase of a subscription has been approved however the method of payment to be used is not clear.  Bill Covey is working with Grace Strawn to resolve this issue.

·         Systems - Bill Covey

§         Spyware and Adware are still problematic due in large part to non-business Internet surfing by staff.

·         DLC Greenstone plans - Erich Kesse

§         The following link provides samples of Greenstone collections elsewhere.

The UFL will begin to build digital collections under Greenstone software rather than software supported by FCLA.  Systems has been provided information on annual production and space needs for Internet distributables and is configuring orders for the necessary servers. 

These Greenstone collections will have a University of Florida Digital Library (UFDL) presence.  The exact look and feel of that presence has not been determined but will take input from the task force to be appointed looking at use issues.  The requirements of the PALMM collections interface, I hope, will be simplified.

We anticipate that we will be able to build an institutional repository over the top of Greenstone.  A repository will collect UF's official born-digital publications, faculty papers, etc.

Collections initially targeted for construction under Greenstone have all been in planning.  These include:

(1)                Rossica Archive of Russian Philately

      A small collection of (currently) 7 journal issues + 3 monographs.

      Bulk of labor is contributed by the Rossica Society.

      A draft PALMM-compliant interface can be found at:

 (2)                UF Photograph Archives

      @ 10,000 photographs from the main campus + @ 5,000 from the Health Science Center Archives, each with individuated brief records.

      A secondary pass will import several thousand additional photographs described in EAD finding aids.

(3)                Samuel Proctor Oral History Collection

      More than 10,000 oral history transcripts

      Bulk of labor to date funded by a donation to the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program

      A draft PALMM-compliant interface can be found at:

Additional collections, also in planning, are targeted for Greenstone deployment fall under the "dLOC : Digital Library of the Caribbean" and "New World Collections" umbrella collections.  dLOC collections include:

(4)                Haiti : Istwa e Kultcha / Haiti : Histoire et Culture / Haiti : History and Culture

      @ 100 pamphlet titles previously cataloged & scanned from Special & Area Studies Collections + the catalog of the Rochambeau Papers + @ 20 maps from the Rochambeau and PALMM World Map Collections.

      Negotiating with the Bibliotheque Nationale d'Haiti for its digital library currently available only on CD.

      A draft PALMM-compliant interface can be found at: http://web.

(5)                The Classic Maya / Los Mayas clásicos

      @ 100 titles previously cataloged from Special & Area Studies Collections

      25+ titles contributed by UC-SB, via exchange-agreement with the UF LUECI (land use institute) for access to its numeric data.

      Negotiating transfer of several thousand field photographs, maps and papers from UF archaeologists and other field scientists.

      A draft PALMM-compliant interface can be found at:

(6)                Arte del Sol

      @ 100 artifacts or art works collected by UF archeologists and other field scientists

      Major categories include masks, textiles and carvings (santos, albrijes, and nichos)

      A draft PALMM-compliant interface can be found at:

Brittle books from or about the Caribbean basin are also being prepared for digitization (and filming/film generation) as dLOC collections.  These include a large set of Cuban materials.  The Eric Eustace Williams Collection ( and the USVI History and Culture ( sites are likely, in a third pass, to migrate from PALMM.

"New World Collections" document colonial Florida and borderlands.  These include:

(7)                East Florida Papers

      A funded project of approximately 65,000 index entries.  Web interface not yet available.

      Special Collections plans to (possibly) shop-out a project that will convert microfilm documents, linking them back to the index.

(8)                Protocolos Habaneros

      Proposal is out for funding consideration

(9)                St. Augustine Protocols

(10)                Stetson Papers

(11)                Rochambeau Papers

(12)                Jeremie Papers

The UFL will continue to ship content to FCLA for existing PALMM collections as paid for by the state "cooperative".   Other PALMM collections, served now from UF servers (e.g., Ringling), will be re-branded to reflect the UFDL.  Other UF-driven PALMM collections (e.g., Aerials and Sanborn) may be re-branded as large-image support develops in the Greenstone deployment.

As the FCLA Digital Archive comes into production, we will ship all digital content to the Archive for off-line storage and back up.

·         Other

§         Converting some of the Library West periodicals holdings has proven to be difficult so Cathy Mook and Anita Lambert have developed a slightly less than compliant method (Z-Method).  Cathy will provide TSSC members with a copy of the draft policy.