March 23, 2004



Members Present:  Rich Bennett, Bill Covey, Michele Crump, Martha Hruska, Erich Kesse, Tom Minton, Cathy Mook, Lawan Orser, Betsy Simpson, Phek Su, and Naomi Young



1)                Announcements


·         TS meeting time has been changed back to 9:30 AM.


2)            TMT & Systems – Bill Covey


·         TMT

§         Nothing to report at this time.

·         Systems

§         Disruption in email next week. UF is requiring that all servers used to send email off campus be on a registered list.  The Libraries’ mail server is on the registered list.


3)            Budget Update – Michele Crump


·         Materials budget - $94,731.18

·         A Yankee Books representative is here today to present a demo of the virtual approval plan that will begin on April 5th.  The last delivery of hardcopy approval books will be next week.


4)            Aleph  – All


·         Trudi DiTrolio and Jan Swanbeck are working on the ALEPH training master schedule.  The first class is scheduled for Monday, March 29th.  Staff members will soon be sent a notice to register.

·         Rich Bennett is talking to departments to see what permissions are needed in the functional clients.

·         Rich will send out the URL to the ALEPH 101 information from last year.

·         Rich will send a message to liaisons as a heads up that an email notification will be sent to all staff stating the test client is ready for downloading.  The all staff message will instruct staff to check with their department liaison to download.


5)                Gap/Freeze plans – all


·          Betsy Simpson sent an email to staff about gap/freeze plans.


6)                Database Maintenance projects - Lawan Orser


·         Collection Managers have decided to withdraw five main set of microprint.  Two of the sets are rather large.  The first contained 36,000+LUIS records and the second contained 4,000+ LUIS records.  The other three sets are smaller and will be reviewed prior to the freeze. Update note: These large sets were withdrawn the weekend of March 20.


7)            CAGER – Naomi Young


·         At the last meeting, discussion included the moving of CAGER web pages to FCLA, cataloging topics, and how SFX relates to cataloging.


8)            TOC enhancements - all


·         Phek Su has been looking into TOC enhancements.  An attempt will be made in August to load enhancements.  Talks with FCLA are planned for July. 

·         Phek discussed two loading processes.  One is to send the file of our MARC records to Blackwell for matching with their TOC database. Blackwell enriches the record if there is a match. After the match process, Blackwelll sends the file back to us, including the enriched records, for loading into Aleph. Mary Ann said that this method is doable.  However, MIT said that they have the ability to do selective load of the text.  They have a local script that selects only the record that have been enriched and use Aleph's loading option for loading only certain tags into the record and leaving the rest alone.  A decision will have to be made as to the reloading method because changes cannot be made once the records are sent. The turnaround for enrichment of file over 50,000 records is three to five business days, whereas file under 50,000 is overnight turnaround time.

·         The cost is $.75 per record retro and $1.05 for ongoing.


9)            Library web – Tom Minton


·         The latest design for the index page is up.  A final design should be complete in the very near future.  Templates for other pages will be based on the final index page design. 

·         More discussion is needed to plan the secondary pages’ architecture.

·         Contribute, a product by MacroMedia is being considered as an editor for web pages.  It allows individuals to edit any html page (without knowing html) no matter what software was used to create the web page.


10)          DLC update – Erich Kesse


·         Erich Kesse gave a presentation about the Ephemeral Cities project.  A one-year grant has been received for this project.  IMLS views this project as a prototype for other grants so when the original three cities are complete Erich will find other partners for other cities in Florida.

 11)         Other


·         The DPPC approved the general collection concept for PALMM. It won’t be called OSPRE.  Instead it will be called MISCELLANY.  It won’t be listed on the PALMM Collection page however it will be searchable by searching all collections.