Jill Varnes
Interim Dean and Professor
College of Health and Human Performance
UF NCAA Faculty Represenative

Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt
by Eleanor Roosevelt

This task was much more difficulty than I thought it would be, I am an eclectic reader enjoying a variety of different authors and topics. To have to select one is almost like saying which one of your children do you like the best? Over the years I have read a lot about leadership, I recently completed Covey’s 8 th Habit (# 8 is finding your voice and helping others to find theirs), so I did consider making this one the choice. Also, I enjoy fiction, The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons and currently a very interesting book called the Rule of Four.

Books help to shape our lives, and in reading we often learn as much about whom we are as we do the characters described by the authors. So, I looked to a woman who has been an inspiration to me and a book that always seems to “fall open” on just the right page when I am seeking her wisdom, my book is the Autobiography of Eleanor Roosevelt.

Not only is this a great book about a wise, intelligent woman, but it tells much of the history of the time in which she lived. In fact, according to Eleanor, that is one of the purposes for writing an autobiography, to preserve a record of a way of life as well as the events and the people of that time. The other purpose is to provide insight that may assist people in solving their problems. Although I love history, it is the more personal side of Eleanor’s story, the sharing of perspectives that lead to problem solving that I find so fascinating about her book.