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Policies and Guidelines for User Conduct

All Libraries users share in the responsibility for making the Libraries safe and pleasant places for research, reading, study, and productive work.  Please observe the rules and guidelines outlined below.  Report activities that interfere with your use of the Libraries or that represent violation of these rules to the nearest service desk.

  1. Libraries users should be considerate of others by keeping noise levels low enough not to disrupt study and research of others.
  2. Covered drinks and snacks are permitted in most campus Libraries.  Hot entrees, salad, pizza, soup and hot, messy or odorous items must be consumed outside.  No food or drink may be consumed in specialized collections (Architecture & Fine Arts Library, Map & Imagery Library, Special Collections) or posted areas. 
  3. Libraries users must clean up after themselves.  Discard trash in trashcans.  Clean up spills whenever possible. Report them to the nearest service desk.
  4. Libraries users are responsible for their personal belongings and should not leave them unattended.
  5. Cell phones should be turned to vibrate when entering the Libraries. If you must make or receive calls, please be considerate of others and keep calls short and move to a stairwell or lobby.
  6. Libraries users are expected to comply with Libraries policies that relate to fair use and copyright law compliance and to license agreements governing use of certain Libraries resources as outlined on the Libraries Copyright Page.
  7. Libraries users must abide by the Libraries' computer policies as outlined in the Computer Use Policy.
  8. Printed materials may not be posted or distributed in the Libraries without permission of the head of the relevant Libraries unit. UF Regulation UF-2.003 4(f) (PDF)
  9. Smoking and use of any tobacco products are prohibited in ALL indoor and outdoor areas of the University of Florida campus, including parking lots and vehicles. UF Regulation UF-2.022 (PDF)   UF Tobacco-Free Policy (PDF)
  10. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in the Libraries except in Rare Books and Special Collections in Smathers Library (East) with the permission of and under conditions imposed by the President or Provost or their designees. UF Regulation: UF-2.019 2(h) (PDF)
  11. Skateboards, roller skates, in-line skates, or similar devices may not be used in the Libraries. UF Regulation: UF-2.0162 (PDF)
  12. Animals are prohibited in the Libraries with the exceptions of trained service dogs or miniature horses used by individuals with disabilities, and service dogs in training identified with vests and under the control of the handler at all times. UF Regulation: UF-2.021 (PDF)   Environmental Health & Safety: Service Animal Use
  13. Disruptive, inappropriate, or threatening behavior will be reported to the police and campus authorities. UF Regulation: UF-1.008 (PDF)
  14. Defacing or damaging Libraries facilities or equipment will be prosecuted through campus authorities and the police. UF Rule 6C1-1.008(1)(b) (PDF)
  15. Theft or mutilation of Libraries materials will be prosecuted through campus authorities and the police. UF Rule 6C1-1.008(1)(b) (PDF)
  16. The possession of firearms on the University campus or any land or property occupied by the University of Florida is prohibited. UF Regulation: UF-2.001
  17. Child pornography, a felony in the state of Florida, is illegal and the University Police will be called immediately

For more information please visit UF Regulations.