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Directory of Depository Libraries in Florida and the Caribbean

(Please email any corrections to Paul McDonough or Jody Hewitt)


Broward County Main Library

Broward County Florida Library
100 S. Andrews Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Robert E. Cannon, Director,
Tom Fischlschweiger, Librarian,
Jeanette Neuschaefer, Librarian,
Carolyn Dixson, Librarian,
Lisa Amanna, Librarian,
Depository Number: 107D
Year Established: 1967
OCLC Symbol:
State Depository:

Clearwater Public Library

100 North Ocseola Avenue
Clearwater, FL 33755
727-562-4970 x 5032/SC 944-6800/Fax:727-562-4975

Barbara Pickell, Library Director,
Michelle Arnold, Documents Librarian,
Depository Number: 102B
Year Established: 1972
OCLC Symbol: FLX
State Depository: No

S.H. Coleman Library

Florida A & M University
1500 S. Martin Luther King Blvd
Tallahassee, FL 32307-4700
850-599-3714/SC 286-3714/Fax: 850-561-2293

Dr. Lauren B. Sapp, Library Director,
Jeanette Cox, Documents Librarian,
Lillie Muse, Library Tech,
Depository Number: 104
Year Established: 1936
OCLC Symbol: FCM
State Depository: Yes

S. E. Wimberly Library

Florida Atlantic University 
P. O. Box 3092 
Boca Raton FL 33431-0992 
(561) 297-3788/SC 238-3788/FAX (561) 394-8829

Dr. William Miller, Library Director
Dawn Smith, Director of Public Services
Bruce Barron, Government Documents Librarian
Depository Number: 107B 
Year Established: 1963 
OCLC Symbol: FGM 
State Depository: Yes

Evans Library

Florida Institute of Technology
150 West University Boulevard
Melbourne FL 32901-6988
(321) 674-7531/FAX (321) 724-2559

Dr. Celine Lang, Library Director
Jean Sparks: FDLP Liaison,
Depository Number: 111A
Year Established: 1963
OCLC Symbol: FLT
State Depository: No

Stephen & Dorthea Green Library

Florida International University 
Government Documents Department 
Tamiami Trail 
Miami FL 33199 
(305) 348-2481/SC 441-2481/FAX (305) 348-6355 

Laura Probst, Library Director
Lori Driver, Archivist
Cerenita Peters, Senior Library Technical Assistant
Depository Number: 105B
Year Established: 1971
OCLC Symbol: FXG
State Depository: Yes

Law Library

Florida State University 
Tallahassee FL 32306-1600 
(850) 644-7479/SC 284-7479/FAX (850) 644-5216 

Faye Jones, Library Director
Patricia Simonds, Documents Librarian
Depository Number 111B
Year Established: 1979 
OCLC Symbol: FSL 
State Depository: No 

Robert Manning Strozier Library

Florida State University 
Tallahassee FL 32306-2047 
(850) 644-6061/SC 284-6061/FAX (850) 644-3190 

Julia Zimmerman, Library Director
Marcia Gorin, Documents Librarian
Depository Number: 109
Year Established: 1941
OCLC Symbol: FDA
State Depository: Yes

Florida Supreme Court Library

Documents Department 
Supreme Court Building 
Tallahassee FL 32399-1926 
(850) 488-8919 

Jeff Spalding, Documents Librarian
Depository Number: 110A
Year Established: 1974
OCLC Symbol: FSZ
State Depository: No

Hodges University

Information Resource Center
2655 Northbrooke Drive 
Naples, FL 34119 
(239) 513-1122/(800) 466-8017/FAX (239) 513-9696 

Carolynn Volz, Library Director
Susan Smith, Librarian
Depository Number: 103C
Year Established: 2003 
OCLC Symbol: F08
State Depository: No

Indian River State College Library

3209 Virginia Avenue 
Fort Pierce FL 34981-5599 
(772) 462-4346/SC 246-4346/FAX (772) 462-4780 

Dr. Patricia Profetta, Associate Dean of Learning Resources
Alexis Neeson, Reference Librarian
Angela Selph, Technical Services Specialist
Depository Number: 112B
Year Established: 1975
OCLC Symbol: FIC
State Depository: No

Jacksonville Public Library

Business Science & Documents Department
122 North Ocean Street 
Jacksonville FL 32202 
(904) 630-1994/FAX (904) 630-2431 

Barbara Gubbin, Library Director
Kathleen Krizek, Documents Librarian
Depository Number: 106
Year Established: 1914
OCLC Symbol: JPL
State Depository: Yes

Carl S. Swisher Library

Jacksonville University 
University Boulevard North 
Jacksonville FL 32211-3393 
(904) 256-7267/FAX (904) 256-7259 

David Jones, Library Director
Depository Number: 106A
Year Established: 1962
OCLC Symbol: FJU
State Depository: Yes

Lake-Sumter State College Library

Lake-Sumter Community College 
9501 U.S. Highway 441 
Leesburg FL 34788-8751 
(352) 365-3563/SC 640-1586/FAX (352) 365-3590 

Lisa Lilyquist, Library Director
Vic Nunez, Government Documents
Depository Number: 107 
Year Established: 1928 
OCLC Symbol: FLM 
State Depository: No 

Manatee County Public Library System

1301 Barcarrota Blvd. W. 
Bradenton FL 34205 
(941) 748-5555/FAX (941) 749-7155

Kevin Beach,Collection Development and Acquisitions, Erica Dow, Librarian:
Depository Number: 108
Year Established: 1952
OCLC Symbol: DZM
State Depository: Yes

Miami-Dade Public Library

101 West Flagler Street 
Miami FL 33130-1523 
(305) 375-5575/FAX (305) 375-5232 

Raymond Santiago, Library Director
Min Shaheen, Documents Librarian
Depository Number: 107C
Year Established: 1967
OCLC Symbol: FNL
State Depository: No

Law Library

Nova Southeastern University 
3305 College Avenue 
Fort Lauderdale FL 33314 
(954) 262-6213/FAX (954) 262-3840 

Robert Hudson, Interim Director
Depository Number: 111
Year Established: 1909
OCLC Symbol: FWR
State Depository: No

Saint Petersburg Public Library

3745 9th Avenue North 
Saint Petersburg FL 33713 
(727) 893-7928/FAX (727) 892-5432

Laurel Gustafson, Library Director
Tatiana Alvarez, Federal Depository Library Coordinator,
Depository Number: 102A
Year Established: 1965
OCLC Symbol: FPE
State Depository: Yes

Saint Thomas University Library

Saint Thomas University 
16400 NW 32nd Avenue 
Miami FL 33054 
(305) 474-6860/FAX (305) 474-6666 

Dr. L. Bryan Cooper, Library Director
Larry Treadwell, Instructional Coordinator
Depository Number: 106B
Year Established: 1966
OCLC Symbol: FBM
State Depository: No

Selby Public Library

1331 First Street 
Sarasota FL 34236
(941) 861-1164/FAX (941) 316-1189

Liz Nolan, Library Manager
Susan Mason, Documents Librarian
Depository Number: 109A 
Year Established: 1970 
OCLC Symbol: FSP 
State Depository: No 

State Library of Florida

R. A. Gray Building 
500 South Bronough 
Tallahassee FL 32399-0250 
(850) 245-6682/SC 205-6600/FAX (850) 487-6242

Judith Ring, Library Director
Depository Number: 102 
Year Established: 1929 
OCLC Symbol: FBA 
State Depository: Yes 

duPont-Ball Library

Stetson University 
Campus Unit 8418 
DeLand FL 32723 
(386) 822-7185/FAX (386) 740-3626

Betty Johnson, Library Director
Susan Ryan, Associate Director
Barbara Costello, Government Documents Librarian
Angela Story, Documents Specialistt
Depository Number: 105
Year Established: 1887
OCLC Symbol: FDS
State Depository: Yes

Charles A. Dana Law Library

Stetson University College of Law 
1401 61st St. South 
Gulfport FL 33707-3299 
(727) 562-7826/FAX (727) 345-8973 

Rebecca S. Trammell, Library Director
Earlene Kuester, Head of Technical Services
Jacque Howell, Technical Services 
Depository Number: 102C 
Year Established: 1975 
OCLC Symbol: FPS 
State Depository: No 

Tampa/Hillsborough County Public Library
John F. Germany Library

Business and Government Department 
900 North Ashley Drive 
Tampa FL 33602 
(813) 301-7187/FAX (813) 272-5739 

Joe Stines, Library Director
Janet Bergeron, Documents Librarian:
Depository Number: 108C
Year Established: 1965
OCLC Symbol: TNH
State Depository: Yes

University of Central Florida Library

University of Central Florida
4000 Central Florida Boulevard (packages)
P. O. Box 162666 
Orlando FL 32816-0666 
(407) 823-2563/SC 345-2563/FAX (407) 823-3438 SC FAX 345-3438 

Barry Baker, Library Director
Rich Gause, Documents Librarian
Depository Number: 105A 
Year Established: 1966 
OCLC Symbol: FTU 
State Depository: Yes 

George A. Smathers Libraries (REGIONAL)

University of Florida 
Documents Department 
120 Marston Science Library - PO Box 117011  
Gainesville FL 32611-7011 
(352) 273-0367
SC 622-0367 
FAX (352) 392-3357/SC FAX 622-3357 

Judith Russell, Dean of Univeristy Libraries
Jan Swanbeck, Head Documents Librarian
Joseph Aufmuth, GIS Librarian 
Chelsea Dinsmore, International Librarian
 Carol Harris, On-Line Processing Coordinator
 Mary Wisnieski, Archivist
Paul McDonough, Electronic Reference Service Coordinator
Jody Hewitt, Library Associate II 
Paige Harper, Program Assistant
Depository Number: 103
Year Established: 1907
OCLC Symbol: FUG
State Depository: Yes

Legal Information Center

University of Florida 
Holland Hall
P.O. Box 117628 
Gainesville FL 32611-7628 
(352) 392-0417/SC 622-0417/FAX (352) 392-8727 

Janet Williams, Documents Librarian
Depository Number: 110B
Year Established: 1978
OCLC Symbol: FUB
State Depository: No

University of Miami

Otto G. Richter Library
Dante B. Fascell Department of Government Documents
PO Box 248214 
Coral Gables FL 33124 
(305) 284-6027/FAX (305) 284-4027 

Lisa Baker, Librarian/Associate Professor,
John Renaud, Librarian/Associate Professor
Depository Number: 110
Year Established: 1939
OCLC Symbol: FQG
State Depository: Yes

Thomas G. Carpenter Library

University of North Florida 
4567 St. Johns Bluff Road, South 
Jacksonville FL 32224-2645 
(904) 620-2617 
SC 861-2617/FAX (904) 620-2719/SC FAX 861-2719 

Dr. Shirley Hallblade, Dean of the Library D. Courtenay McLeland, Documents Librarian
Depository Number: 106D
Year Established: 1972
OCLC Symbol: FNP
State Depository: Yes

Jane Bancroft Cook Library

New College of Florida 
5700 North Tamiami Trail 
Sarasota FL 32707 
(941) 359-4416/FAX (941) 359-4307 

Natalie Rector, Emerging Technologies Librarian, (941) 487-4416/
Depository Number: 111C
Year Established: 1996
OCLC Symbol: FHC
State Depository: No

Tampa Campus Library 

University of South Florida 
4202 East Fowler Avenue 
Tampa FL 33620-5400 
(813) 974-2729/SC 574-2729/FAX (813) 974-7787 

William Garrison, Library Director
Cheryl McCoy, Documents Coordinator
Carol Ann Borchert, Reference/Documents Librarian 
Elaine Pattillo, Senior LTA,  Kay Tapley, Senior LTA,
Depository Number: 108B 
Year Established: 1962 
OCLC Symbol: FHM 
State Depository: Yes 

Macdonald Kelce Library 

University of Tampa 
401 West Kennedy Boulevard
Tampa FL 33606-1490 
(813) 253-6231  FAX (813) 251-0016 

Marlyn Pethe, Library Director
Elizabeth L. Barron, Documents Librarian
Keven Elizabeth McGinn, Technical Assistant
Depository Number: 108A
Year Established: 1953
OCLC Symbol: FUT
State Depository: No

John C. Pace Library 

University of West Florida 
11000 University Parkway 
Pensacola FL 32514-5750 
(850) 474-2410  SC 680-2410  FAX (850) 474-3338 

Lisandra Carmichael, Interim Associate Dean of Libraries
Shari Johnson, Documents Librarian Debbie Marshall, Documents Assistant
Depository Number: 103A 
Year Established: 1966 
OCLC Symbol: FWA 
State Depository: Yes 

Volusia County Library Center 

City Island 
Daytona Beach FL 32114-4484 
(386) 257-6037 
SC 377-6036  FAX (386) 257-6026 
Lucinda Colee, Library Director
Lorri Davis, Documents Librarian

Depository Number: 104B 
Year Established: 1964 
OCLC Symbol: FDB 
State Depository: Yes 


Encarnacion Valdes Library

Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico
2250 Avenida Las Americas Suite 509
Ponce PR 00717-0777
(787) 841-2000 x 300, 305/FAX (787) 284-0235

Mrs. Esther Irizarry Vázquez, Library Director
Ms. Jane Canfield, Federal Depository Librarian
Depository Number: 550A
Year Established: 1966
OCLC Symbol: PUX

Mons. Juan Fremiot Torres Oliver Library 

Pontificia Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico 
Biblioteca de Derecho 
2250 Avenida Las Americas - Suite 544 
Ponce PR 00731-6382 
(787) 841-2000 x 336,337,349/FAX (787) 841-5354 

Mrs. Noelia Padua, Law Library Director  
Mrs. Edelyn Serrano, Documents Librarian
Depository Number: 549A
Year Established: 1978

Jose M. Lazaro Library

University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras Campus
Documents and Maps Collection 
P O BOX 23302 
San Juan PR 00931-3302 
(787) 764-0000 x 3514/FAX (787) 763-5685

Dra. Snejanka Penkova, Library Director
Janet Gutierrez, Documents
Jose Pagan, Documents Librarian
Depository Number: 549
Year Established: 1928
OCLC Symbol: PBR

Mayagüez Campus Library 

Documents and Maps Collection 
University of Puerto Rico 
Mayagüez Campus 
P O BOX 9022 
Mayagüez PR 00681-9022 
(787) 832-4040 x 2022 or 3459 
FAX (787) 834-3080 

Prof. Wanda Perez, Acting Director
Prof. Cyndia Caraballo, Documents Coordinator
Prof. Gladys E. Lopez, Librarian II
Ms. Nilsa Marquez, Library Assistant III
Mr. Daniel Rodriguez, Library Assistant I
Depository Number: 550 
Year Established: 1928 
OCLC Symbol: PMU 


Virgin Islands Division of Libraries,
Archives and Museums

Florence Williams Public Library
49-50 King Street
Christiansted Saint Croix VI 00820
(340) 773-5715
FAX (340) 773-5327

Ms. Ingrid A. Bough, Territorial Director,
Ms. Letitia Gittens, Head Librarian,
Depository Number: 627B
Year Established: 1990
OCLC Symbol:

Ralph M. Paiewonsky Library

University of the Virgin Islands
#2 John Brewer's Bay
Saint Thomas VI 00802
(340) 693-1368
FAX (340) 693-1365

Ms. Tina Koopmans, Director of Libraries
Ms. Cynthia Richards, Head, Public Services 
Depository Number: 627C
Year Established: 1973
OCLC Symbol: VZD




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