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Information on using the ASERL Documents Disposition Database can be found at THIS LINK

This library is a Congressionally designated depository for U.S. Government documents. Public access to to the government documents collection is guarenteed by public law (Title 44, United States Code)


Association of Southeastern Research Libraries

Florida State Document Depository Program (Florida State Library)

Federal Depository Library Program: Modeling for the Future

In September 2010, the U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) contracted with Ithaka S + R (Ithaka) to develop practical and sustainable models for the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) to continue to fulfill its mission in a changing information environment now dominated by digital technology. These models were intended to serve as a guide in planning the future direction of the Program. After careful review it was determined that the models presented by Ithaka are not practical and sustainable to meet the mission, goals, and principles of the FDLP. These models have some value as we move forward together with the library community to develop new models based on a shared vision which will increase flexibility for member libraries and ensure the vibrant future of the Program in the digital age. Ithaka has provided a PDF of their final report. The final report is accompanied by a statement from GPO. Click on THIS LINK to read the final report.

The Government Printing Office has retained Ithaka S+R to lead a project that will develop a model for the Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP) to more efficiently accomplish its mission in a rapidly changing digital environment. This site is intended to provide regular project updates as well as a mechanism for vigorous community engagement.

Federal Depository Library State Plan
Disposition Guidelines
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Florida Library Association

Federal Depository Library Programs Administration

FDLP Administration Desktop
FDLP Administration Publications

Federal Depository Library Manual and Supplements

Chapter 1 (Revised 1998

Basic Collection - Revised 2004

Appendix A: Suggested Core Collection

Supplement 2: Guidelines for the Federal Depository Library Program

Supplement 3: Self-Study of a Federal Depository Library

Collection Development Guidelines

Instructions to Depository Libraries

FDLP Administration Handbook

Electronic Access Policies and Guidelines

Depository Library Public Service Guidelines For Electronic Formats

FDLP Internet Use Policy Guidelines

FedSys Concept of Operations

Resources for Government Documents Librarians


2008 Florida Federal Library Depository State Plan

Minutes - State Plan Meeting August 11, 2008
Agenda - State Plan Meeting August 11, 2008

Monthly Catalog
Sales Product Catalog
Resources of Use to Government Documents Librarians (GODORT)
Directory of Federal Depository Libraries
Needs and Offers List
Study to Identify Measures for a Successful Transition to a More Electronic Federal Depository Library Program


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