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Activating Library Cards

  • Open ALPEH Circulation module

  • Enter patron eight digit UF ID number (with hyphen), or 14-digit library number, or click face and enter patron name

  • Click "Global"

  • Click "additional ID"

  • If a non-matching barcode exists, highlight and click Delete ID.

  • If a matching barcode number exists, highlight and change Status (below) to Active, then click Save ID

  • If no matching barcode exists, click Add ID, then enter these values:

  • Key: 02

  • Ver: 00

  • Status: AC

  • Key Data: Scan barcode number

  • Verification: birthday month and day

  • Click "Save ID"

  • Open ID checker

  • Scan library number

  • Click override

NOTE FOR INTERCESSION: Patron IDs expire weekly if the student is not registered for classes. To make a library card number active for the current week, you may change their expiration date with the following procedure:

  • Open ALEPH Circulation module

  • Enter patron eight-digit UF ID (with hypen)

  • Click Local Information, then General Information

  • Enter a date that is any time in the future









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