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  • Accounts and Papers - Miscellaneous category of sessional papers which includes treaties and international agreements, financial and statistical reports.
  • Bills - Public legislation placed before the Parliament. Private bills relating to personal affairs, such as divorce, are not part of the sessional papers.
  • Breviate -Index to the major papers of the period. Also called a "select list."
  • Command Papers - A category of sessional papers that do not originate in Parliament, but are presented to it "by command of His or Her Majesty."
  • Debates - Record of what is said in Parliament. Often called Hansards after the first publisher.
  • Diaries - Personal narratives of parliamentary speeches and proceedings
  • Journals - Official account of the proceedings of Parliament.
  • Parliamentary Papers - Loosely refers to all the records of Parliament, or more specifically to only the sessional papers
  • Reports of Royal Commissions - A category of sessional papers which presents the findings of research or investigations.
  • Rolls of Parliament - Earliest records of parliament, up to the sixteenth century
  • Select Committees - The main investigative body of the Parliament until the mid-nineteenth century.
  • Select List - a breviate or index of major papers. So called because it is only concerned with a selection of important papers.
  • Sessional Papers - Working papers of Parliament, including the bills, reports, and papers.
  • Votes and Proceedings - Compiled from the minute books kept by the Clerk of the House.

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