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Annals of Congress
1st-18th Congress, 1st Session; Mar 3, 1789 - May 27, 1824
328.732 U5a Science Library
Register of Debates  
18th Congress.-2nd Session - 25th Congress 1st Session;  
Dec 6, 1824 - Oct 16, 1837
328.732 U5b Science Library
Abridgement of the Debates of Congress 1789-1856 
328.732 U58a Science Library
Congressional Globe
Containing the Debates & Proceedings of the Congress; with  Appendix, embracing the Laws Passed at that Session  
23rd Congress - 42nd Congress; Dec 2, 1833 - Mar 3, 1873
See Circulation West 328.732 U5c Storage B
Congressional Record
Proceedings & Debates of the Congress (Permanent Edition)    
43rd Congress - 102st, 2nd Session; Mar 4/26, 1873 - 1992 
v.1-138 (not all parts issued as of 3/98) 
Note: Some items in storage.  See circulation if not found.
328.732 U5co Lib West, Periodicals 
43rd Congress - 101st, 2nd Session
Mar 4/26, 1873 - 1991 
v.1-138 (not all parts received as of 12/96) 
 X.congress/session:vol Microfiche 
Marston, Documents  
Congressional Record
Proceedings & Debates of the Congress (Daily Edition)  
last three years available - superseded by Permanent Collection 
102nd Congress, 1st Session - Current Congress;  Jan 1992 - to date 
v.137 - to date
328.732 U5co Marston, Documents    
(superseded by Permanent Collection) 
102nd Congress, 1st Session - Current Congress
Jan 1992 - to date 
v.137 - to date
Documents X/A Microfiche, Marston, Documents
Congressional Record Index Proceedings & Debates of the Congress
101st Congress, 1st Session - 102nd Congress, 2nd Session; 
Nov 16/20 1989 - Sep 23/28 1992 
v.135 pt.21 - v.138 pt.19 
(recent volumes in Documents Dept.) 
(older volumes in storage)
328.732 U5co Lib West, Periodicals
(current location?)
Latest Five Years 328.732 U5co Lib West, Documents (current location?
43rd Congress - to present Congress
1873 to present
Microfiche X.A Lib West, Documents
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Lexis Nexis Congressional
99th Congress, 1st Session - to date; Jan 1985 - to date
Subscription service available through the UF libraries.

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Legistlative Information on the Internet
103rd Cong., 2nd session - to date
Connect to http://thomas.loc.gov/
GPO Access
Index: 102nd Congress, 2nd Session - to curent Congress;
1992 - to date;
Record: 103rd Cong., 2nd Session - to current Congress;
1994 - to date
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