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The LFPD provides a mail pick-up and delivery service (twice a day) in the George A. Smathers Library System. All out-going mail should be delivered to Room 134, Library West, properly addressed and packaged or be ready for pick-up at the scheduled delivery time for your facility. For mail within the libraries, use the current P.O. box numbers. The mail room manager will handle all postal charges and will prepare the parcel for shipment by the appropriate carrier.

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The list below will help you know when parcels need to be ready to get same day shipping from the Library. It also provides links to the major carriers for information on shipping limitations, costs and tracking.

Carrier P/U Time Link for Information
GAS Libraries Mail Service 9:30AM/3:00PM Mail Room Manager
U. S Postal Services 10:00 AM
Campus Mail Service 10:00AM/1:00PM
UPS  Before 11:00 AM
FedEx Before 11:00 AM
FedEx Ground (formerly RPS) Before 11:00 AM

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If you have any questions about the library mail service, e-mail the mail room manager or call 273-2575.

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Information about the UF Campus Interdepartmental Mail Service is found on the UF Web Page.

NOTE:   Please print the recipient's full name and department address on all envelopes.  Mail not fully addressed may have to be opened to see who the recipient is. For mail within the libraries, use the current P.O. box numbers.



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