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The LFPD’s goal is to provide the best possible work environment for the Library’s staff and patrons. We recognize that part of achieving that goal will be maintaining and personalizing work areas. Because this creates work orders of different priorities, we have divided these requests into 3 categories; emergency, routine and special. If your office area needs to be modified, rearranged, or repaired, you can submit a LFPD work request to have the necessary work done. Your request will be evaluated, given a category assignment, and added to the LFPD workload.

Work Request Categories

During normal working hours (7:00 AM - 5:00 PM) LFPD will handle all work requests.   After hours, work requests should be called into the Physical Plant Work Management Center (392-1121).  The operator will automatically route your call to the on-call mechanic.

The LFPD maintains a current database of work requests that is reviewed daily. We track each work request until it is completed or closed out. If we do not respond to your work request within a reasonable amount of time, you can email us regarding the status of your request.

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Situations that pose an immediate threat to personal health, safety and/or major damage to buildings, equipment or other property are deemed emergencies. If emergent situations arise in your area during normal working hours (7:00 AM - 5:00 PM), contact the LFPD immediately at 273-2575. Please let the Facilities operator know that the situation is emergent to prevent any misunderstandings. 

If someone has been injured and needs immediate medical attention, please report to UPD at 2-1111 and then notify LFPD.

After hours and on holidays, call the University Work Management Center at 392-1121. Your call will be automatically routed to the operator, who will contact the appropriate people. 

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Most work requests are to repair and maintain equipment/facilities, or move equipment.   These work requests are considered routine and are submitted on a LFPD Work Request. Your work request will automatically be added to the LFPD workload for review.

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Work requests that require outside contractors, are beyond normal maintenance, or will cost over $250, are considered "Special". These requests must be approved by your department chair person and the appropriate director before submitting to the LFPD. These requests are also submitted on the LFPD Work Request

If you need help with your "special" request, please contact a LFPD representative at 273-2575.



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