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Academic Sport Challenge Form

Please check men's, women's or both boxes at right Men's Basketball
Women's Basketball
Both programs
Pledge per three-point shot


Based upon the 2010-2011 Florida basketball season, the men's team made 233 three-point shots and the women made 195. At $.20 per successful three point shot, your pledge would have been $46.60 for the men's team and $39.00 for the women's.


City, State, Zip

Home or Cell Phone

Business Phone

Email address


I agree to the above pledge and acknowledge that I will be billed in March 2012. The amount to be charged will be based upon the total number of three-point shots scored in the home and away games during the 2011-2012 regular season for the men's and/or women's team.


Your pledge, when billed in March 2012, is tax deductible to the extent provided by IRS guidelines.

For more information contact Samuel Huang at (352) 273-2505, or fax to (352) 392-7251.


Contributors become “Friends of the Libraries." Your pledge amount also counts toward the University of Florida Capital Campaign.

Thank you for your support and Go Gators!