Appendix B
Degree Programs Associated with the Interdisciplinary Concentration in
Geographic Information Systems
Participating ICGIS Unit College ICGIS Representitive Email College/Major Degree
Anthropology CLAS Rick Stepp, Ph.D. LS/ANG MA(O), Ph.D., Ph.D./JD
Geography CLAS Michael Binford, Ph.D. LS/GPY MA(T), MS(T), MST(N), MAT(N), Ph.D.
Urban & Regional Planning DCP Paul Zwick, Ph.D. DCP/URP MAURP(T) 
Agricultural and Biological Engineering Engineering Jasmeet Judge, Ph.D. AG/ABE, EG/ABE MS(O), ENG(O), ME(O), MS(O), ENG(O), Ph.D. 
Environmental Engineering Sciences Engineering Mark Brown, Ph.D. EG/ENE ME(O), MS(O), ENG(O), Ph.D. 
Soil and Water Science IFAS/CALS Sabine Grunwald, Ph.D. IFAS/SWS MS(O), Ph.D.
Geomatics IFAS/SFRC Scot Smith, Ph.D., Chair ICGIS IFAS/FRC MFRC(N), MS(T), Ph.D. 
Wildlife Ecology and Conservation IFAS/WEC Rob Fletcher, Ph.D. IFAS/WIS MS(O), Ph.D.
SNRE, Interdisciplinary Multiple Colleges Affiliated Faculty List NE/ECL MS(O), Ph.D.
***Applicants from other departments please contact the ICGIS Chair to assign an ICGIS representative to your degree committee.
***Departments desiring to add their degrees to the ICGIS list should contact the ICGIS Chair for assistance.
Note:  (N) - non-thesis degree;  (O) - thesis with non-thesis option degree;  (T) - thesis degree