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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Archive: 2004-2005

On December 6th, 2004, the Faculty of the Libraries at the University of Florida met to discuss the results of the summer 2004 University of Florida Faculty Survey. One of the outcomes of this discussion was the desire for explore Faculty Governance models that are in use within the broader UF community and other ARL level Libraries for possible implementation at the UF Libraries.

This web page will function as a location to collocate links to currently existing faculty governance organizations. If you have a model or know of a Department where Faculty Governance runs successfuly, please sent the link to one of the 2004-2005 UF Library Senators [Cathy Mook, Naomi Young, Joe Aufmuth or Robert Shaddy ] for inclusion on this page.

Faculty Governance Organizations:

  1. University of Florida (the Constitution link on this page leads you to the 59 page Constitution as a PDF)
  2. University of Florida College of Education (Constitution)
  3. University of Florida College of Journalism (Consitution)
  4. University of Florida IFAS Faculty Council
  5. University of Maryland Library (Constitution, by laws, etc. for Library Faculty Assembly)
  6. University of Pittsburgh Library (Constitution, by laws, etc. for ULS Faculty Assembly)
  7. University of California Library System (Constitution, by laws, etc. for LAUC)
  8. Rutgers University Library (Click Library Faculty and then the Bylaws & Rules bullet leads to a 12 page PDF)
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