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Faculty Governance at the University of Florida Libraries

Task Force to Review the Annual Evaluation Levels for Faculty


To maintain an annual faculty evaluation design for the Smathers Libraries that promotes and recognizes professional accomplishment, growth, engagement, and enrichment of library faculty through the utilization of fair, meaningful, and distinguishable rating levels that are applicable to the wide variety of professional endeavors in which library faculty are active.


  1. Examine the evaluation levels and level descriptions of peer groups (in Libraries, elsewhere on campus, and nationally) to identify and assess alternatives or refinements to our current levels.
  2. Review relevant UF policies and regulations.
  3. Report findings to LFA officers, Library Council and library administrators and solicit their comments.
  4. Recommend a series of evaluation levels and descriptions that would best serve the Libraries and faculty.


The committee's recommendations will be considered upon receipt, but the earliest a new model could be implemented would be for the 2013 reviews for the 2012-2013 evaluation period.

Current Members

Joe Aufmuth Chair
Steve Carrico  
Brian Keith  
Elizabeh Outler (LIC)  
Patrick Reakes  
Betsy Simpson  
Michele Tennant  
Ben Walker  
Lois Widmer  


Smathers Libraries Career Development Handbook

UFF Contract – Article 18

UF Regulations

Evaluation levels from colleges and departments within the University of Florida including IFAS, CISE, Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Art & Art History, Linguistics Department, Math Department and the Political Science Department

Faculty evaluation criteria from ARL institutions including Duke University, Missouri University, University of Georgia, University Colorado, College of Charleston, and the University of Chicago

Target Reporting Date:

June 1, 2012


Faculty Evaluation Task Force Poll

Faculty Evaluation Task Force Poll Results

Faculty Evaluation Task Force Final Report

Faculty Evaluation Task Force Abridged Report for the Faculty Assembly of 8/20/2012 (forthcoming)

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