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Two Ways to Find a Windows 2000 MAC Address

From the desktop, right-click on the My Computer icon and select Manage:

            Open the System Information, Components, Network, and Adapter folders. The right side of the window will then display the MAC address (red dots for emphasis here; yours won't have them). Also, make sure you get the Ethernet 802.3 Adapter MAC address. You may have some more listed under it, but the one you want is for the Ethernet card, which should be listed first.

Alternatively, you can open a command prompt (Start, Run, cmd) and enter

                        Net config workstation

Yours won't have these red dots either, and without them the MAC address is a little harder to see than it is on the desktop view. On the other hand, the information comes up faster this way. The numbers should be the same in either case. If you try both methods and get different numbers, call!

W. Covey

Smathers Libraries Systems Department

Created 11 March 2002


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